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Sethji 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sethji 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Update of Sethji 23rd May 2017 on

Scene 1
Nagesh reads a text and laugh. He says Sandhya has taken that map. The secret that Sethji had been hiding for so long. Once sandhya gets it to me then I will have all of Devsu’s wealth. I will be the richest man of the world.
Sandhya looks for more stuff to steal. She puts the map and jewelry she stone in a bag and packs it.
Sethji says ask her questions vaidhji. He says I asked and she knows everything. Sandhya is sneaking our. Devi stops her. She says sandhya where are you going? Sandhya says I was.. Devi says you don’t know where you are going? Do this one thing for me. Please massage my sir. Sandhya says in heart I want to throttle her. She says I have to go to my uncle vaidh’s house. Sambha says I had to meet him too. Lets go. She says no… Ganesh comes and says sethji has called this Sandhya on the border. Devi says really? [I think there is some thing serious. What is it? Ganesh says I cant’ answer all that questions. Lets go. Sambha says I will come along. Sandhya says in heart what is the matter.

Sethji says to real sandhya who you are? And who sent you here? This is Devsu. Lying here is a sin. This in not you city. Fake Sadnhya comes and says why am I called here? Sambha says you will know soon. Sethji says we are in a troublesome situation. Both of these girls say that I am sandhya. See that girl beyond border. She also claims she is Sandhya. Vaidh ji’s nice. Vaidh ji asks fake sandhya questions. She says I told all this before. Real sandhya says she came here prepared. Fake Sadnhya says I don’t need to prepare. I am saying truth. Sambha says can I ask her some questions? He says so you are blamed to be faking sandhya? Fake sandhya says what are you saying? Why are you blaming me? She might be lying too. He says she is standing outside devsu. I can’t ask her anything. Do you ever lie? Fake sandhya says no I never lie. Why you came here? She says I came here for shelter? He says no I mean how you came here? She says I came here saving and running for my life. Sambha asks real sandhya? He says I came from bus. How can I walk here? Its far away from here. Sambha asks fake sandhya you came in bus too? She says yes. Sambha says so one in the bus noticed your torn clothes? She says my clothes were not torn in the bus. Sambha says so someone came here to tear your clothes? Sandhya says I dont’ remember I was so worried that day./

Sambha says like you don’t remember the cat in our house today? Govinda told me everything. He told me you went inside baba’s room/. She says what? Why would I go there? Sambha says I didn’t trust him either but when I saw the door unlocked I had a doubt too. That is the mistake you did. You should have given govinda his sweets. She says I gave him 4 sweets and I tied the door properly too. She realizes she slipped her tongue. She says yes I went to his room. I lied to come here. What can you do? Vaidh ji is about to slap her. Someone holds his hand.

He says please punish her sethji. She fooled all of us. Sadnhya says please forgive me mai. Sethji says don’t call me mai. Because of you our people won’t help anyone again. Sethji says lock her in jail.
Pragati shoves her. The map and everything falls from her bag. Everyone is dazed. Baji says she went to baba’s room to steal all this? Pragati says I heard her talking to someone but couldn’t see his face. Raghu says she is right. She can’t do all this alone. Someone sent her here. Raghu says who asked you to do all this? She says I don’t know. A man sent me here to work. Raghu says who? She says I don’t even know his name. He gave me money to steal this from sethji’s house. She says I am sorry. Please pardon me. I shouldn’t have done this. She sits in sethji’s feet. Sandhya picks some sand and throws it on sethji, Raghu comes and stands in front of her. Sandhya couldn’t run.

Scene 2
Nita applies medicines on Ambi’s wounds. she says my son. He has beaten you really bad. Nagesh says he is so stupid and that sandhya her phone is off too. Ambi says there are no signals in devsu. Nagesh says shut up. You lost form that baji. You should have told me before you might have won. Ambi says I placed your photo there but it was useless.

Raghu says you fooled us because we trusted you. Take her from here. Sandhya says sethji. Please pardon me. Please. Sethji looks at Baji.


Sethji 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sethji says if I can do this mistake as sethji then do I deserve to sit on that throne. I lost my son because of me. Where would he eat from. How would he be managing.

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