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Sethji 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sethji 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update , Written Update of Sethji 24th May 2017 on

Scene 1
Sethji recalls everything that happened ever since Sandhya came to Devsu. She recalls how she took care of Sandhya. Sethji such a big deceit. She fooled me and I couldn’t catch her truth? I couldn’t understand her going to temple every day? It was all a drama. She came here for this map only. And I am so fool that I made her my daughter. To give her justice I lost my son. She recalls disowning Baji. She recalls him crying and begging her not to do this. Sethji says if I can make such a blunder then do I deserve to sit on that chair? How could I make this mistake. For that girl my family shattered. My Baji has gone away from me forever. How will I fix all this? How will I bring baji back who has married that city girl. These city people are like this. They have deceit in their blood.

That Pragati she was looking at me with so much pride. She was so proud. She has changed my son as well.

Wasu comes to uttara and says I will tell you something and you will be so shocked. Utara says what? Wasu says that Sandhya wasn’t sandhya. She was someone else. Uttara says what? Wasu says she lied she wasn’t vaidhji’s niece. She came here to steal from our house. You know who caught her? Prgati. Uttara says where is she? Wasu says sethji has detained her.

Devika comes to Sethji and says we are all in a shock. This has never happened in devsu before. Sethji says why are you exaggerating? She says this is not exaggeration. A 21 years old girl came here and fooled no one but Sethji. you considered her your daughter and she fooled you. I always had doubts on her but I never trusted her. If I were in your place I would never let her live here. Now please don’t blame yourself. Sethji says that sandhya will be punished. Devi says we should be grateful to pragati. She caught that sandhya otherwise she would have stolen that paper and jewelry. What was in that paper? Thank God our daughter in law saved us. Devi says oh that paper is here let me see what it is. Sethji says this was Vinayak Rao’s. Only he could open this. Devi says how outsiders know about it then? Sethji says go I have work. Devi says I am so worried about baji. He was looking so tired. He had his hand fractured too. Looked like he had a fight. But why am I telling you all this? She leaves.

Scene 2
Baaji is sitting sad. He recalls what happened. Sethji sneaks and comes to the border with her face hidden. She looks at Baji and says my son.. He is living life in so much trouble. Why you did this baji. I never let any trouble come in your way. And now you have so much trouble.
Pragati comes to Baji and sits next to him. She says Baji the food is burnt. He doesn’t listen. Pragati hugs him and says what happened? Why are you sitting like this? He says nothing. Pragati says please share with me. You have changed your clothes. Please tell me what happened. He says today I saw mom. She looked at me too but didn’t talk to me. I felt like I don’t even exist for her. In these clothes I feel like home. I feel like I am sleeping in her lap. She made me these clothes.

Devi comes to jungle and meets Bhao. She tells him everything.
Baji says I could never live without my mom. I was her favorite son. Praagati says in heart I need to go away from your life. Maybe then you can stay happy and with your mom.


Sethji 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Gauri gives sethji sweets for baji’s birthday. Sethji says he is not part of our family. Baji says but I am not allowed to go inside. Pragati says all I know is that I can’t live without you and you can’t live without your mom. We will go inside devsu.

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