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Sethji 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Sethji 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Sethji says choose a punishment for yourself. He says I would be hit with 100 belths. 10 for breaking rules and 90 for hurting my mom. Raghav says please forgive him please. Sethji says no one is above the law.
Sethji says and you.. You will be sent out of this village with one last warning to never enter here. This honor of this throne lies in justice. Therefore you will see him being punished. Devika says this will be so cruel to see. Sethji asks Guruji to punish Baji with his hands. He says but me? Sethji says you are his teacher and a teacher should punish him. Pragati says what is even happening here? He would die. and for what? Just taking my bike? Sethji says this is devsu. We give punishment here. And he chose this for himself.
Sethji asks Raghav to find her bike. She says the court is adjorned. Pragati says to Baji she is your mom? What kind of mom is she? She doesn’t even have a heart. What will you be after 100 belts. She can see her son in that much pain. Sethji leaves.
Raghva says Baji what did you do.. Sethji would be hurt. People say that man was unconscious after 30 belts. Don’t know if Baji will stay alive.
Ganiya says to Prgati this is all because of you. Pragati says what did I do? He suggested that. And that Sethji she agreed to. Raghav says but he got stuck in this problem because of you. Pragati says what a stupid place. sambha says till you are here please keep your mouth shut.

Pragati walks outside and sees a man buying food with spices. she says they don’t use money to buy? They give and return stuff. So they don’t need things from outside world. She recalls everything and says Baji took everything on him to save me. And that Sethji punished him.
Sethji is crying in her room. She recalls the punishment for baji and what Pragati said. She says how would my Baji feel after 100 belts. He would be so hurt. As a mother I can just make a remedy for him. Uttara says I am seeing you like this for the first time. Please don’t cry. Give me this. I will make this med. Sethji says as Sethji I can’t stop this punishment. As a mother I can’t stop these tears.

Pragati says to Baji they would actually hit you? Vithal says are you asking that? Because of you he is in this trouble. Baji says don’t worry Vithal. He says please don’t take him seriously. He cares about me. I have kept all your herbs in this basket. Take them so you don’t get fever again. She says in heart what kind of man is he? He is in trouble because of me and still cares for me?
Raghav says see Baji returned all your stuff. Baji says lets go I have to get 100 belts. They leave. Pragati sees them going.
Devi comes in and says Sethji is crying? Sethji says was just upset. Devi says sometimes as sethji you will have to take decision like this. I can’t see this. Our Baji being beaten. Devi says but we can’t do anything. I have a suggestion to save him if Sethji agrees. Sethji says what do you wanna say? Devika says you are the Sethji. You can stop this and no one can stop you. Sethji says Devsu’s sethji can’t be a coward.
Why did you come here? Devi says there are people outside. Its about time that’s why. how will I see all this. They all go out.

Scene 2
Baji stands in the ground. Sethji is in tears. Sambah says everything is ready. Sethji asks Guru ji to start. He starts beating Baji. Sethji looks in other direction.
Pragati is looking at all this. They keep hitting him. Pragati comes forward and says enough. I won’t see this madness anymore. Sethji is angry.


Sethji 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sethji says before throw her out of the village and continue the punishment. Nagesh says to Bhaorao what we couldn’t do in 16 years. She did in one day.

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