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Sethji 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sethji 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Update of Sethji 25th May 2017 on

Scene 1
Sada is getting sweet baskets ready. She says put gold coins in each. Sada says what is this for? Mehtab says this is our ritual. No one leaves our palace empty handed. Mehtab says I will help too then. Gurwaksh says you are my princess. She says I have to get ready. Everyone is coming today. Ranjit would come too.. Gurwaksh says oh he will come too? He smiles. He says Ranjit’s parents love you like their daughter. Are you getting? He is a nice man. Mehtab hugs him. Gurwaksh says I understand what you want. God always bless you.

At night, the function starts. Sada welcomes all the families. Sahib roop ghulab and Ranjit come too. Gurwaksh says how are you Roop? Is there any problem? Ranjit says don’t worry I am with her.
Mehtab comes and shows ranjit she is wearing his medal. He says what is this? Ranjit runs after her. She collides with raj. Raj says where are you going? You look so pretty. Sada and Gurwaksh welcome Raj and Mahan. Ranjit says Mehtab give my medal back. She runs.
Gurwaksh says to Mahan I really wanna talk to you about something important. Mahan says me too. Raj says okay then do it. Sada says lets welcome all the guests first. Mahan’s people bring all the gifts. Gurwaksh says what are these so many gifts for?

Ranjit says give my medal back or I will pull your braid. She says I wont give it at any cost now.
Two guys do standup comedy. Ranjit and Mehtab laugh. He says star of the nation will read a joke now. Kesar singh meets Ranjit. She says this is my daughter. She says I am so glad to meet Ranjit. The star of the nation. None of my friends would believe. Mehtab is jealous. she says in heart I have to shatter her dreams. Mehtab says you came here to meet ranjit? Done right. Go and eat sweets. Ranjit says what are you saying. Ranjit says you can talk to me. Ranjit says what is your name? She says Diljet. But people call me Dil. Mehtab returns his medal and says keep it to your heart now.
The celebrations starts. Everyone celebrates Lohri. Diljeet comes to ranjit and says I was looking for you. Mehtab makes her stumble. She says I think you should sit.

Raj says to Sada i wanted to talk about our kids. Sada is dazed. Raj says see what I brought. She shows her the bangles she brought has shagun for Mehtab. SAda says are you in your senses? Raj says yes we came here with this proposal. Sada says what are you talking about? How can you even think like that. Raj says we talked that day. You talked about mehtab’s marriage and you really liked ranjit. She says doesn’t mean that I will give my daughter’s hand in yours. Raj says maybe I mistook it. Don’t mind. but they really like each other. They are childhood friends. Sada says I can’t even think that. Raj says why? Donn’t you want our friendship to turn into relationship. Sada says I think you started seeing dreams with open eyes. What friendship are you talking about? We always give. We have so many favors on you. We gave you a little respect and you started thinking we are equal? Raj says what are you saying? Sada says showing you the mirror.
My mehtab is the most beautiful girl of Punjab. ANd your Ranjit doesn’t even have an eyes. Raj says what are you saying. Sada says take your gifts back. you thought you can buy my mehtab with these gifts? This can never happen. How dare you even think of it. You misfit son can’t fix here.
Raj slaps her in anger. She says enough. I won’t listen anymore. You have crossed all limits. I never expected this from you. Sada says you didn’t slap me. You slapped Kanaiya stated. Raj says I will remember. You are really poor at heart. I didn’t know your thoughts are so small. I just opened my eyes. My son is not less than anyone.

Sethji 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ghulam says to Gurwaksh when will you let me go to rasul nagar. Gurwaksh says wait a little more. Mahna says no. Till I am alive I won’t ever let this happen. If you want to give him rasul nagar back please kill me first.

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