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Sethji 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sethji 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Pragatu says the person I came here for doesn’t trust me anymore. So why should I stay? I never want to hurt you all with mistakes. I don’t do this delibrately. i don’t want to do that anymore. I break rules by mistake but he broke my heart. He doesn’t care even if I leave. Pragati is leaving. Sethji says stop. Sethji says wasu how many times we have to tell her rules of devsu. When a girl comes here after marriage she is not allowed to leave Devsu. Wasu says yes she doesn’t remember the rules. She has to come with us to house. Uttara says yes we can’t let you break this rule. Come home with us. Pragati says I don’t know if i should stay here or leave. If I go I will break one rule. If I stay I will break many. Wasu says we will guide you every day.

Lets go home. Pragati says baji asked me to leave. Wasu says he doesn’t own devsu. He can’t ask you to leave. Husband and wife fight that doesn’t mean you will leave your house. Uttara says smile and everything will be fine. Sethji says lets go home now. Wasu says yes lets go.

Baji comes to the border. He says no one is here. What should I do? Has she left? He calls Pragati’s name. Baji sits their and cries. He says God please return me my wife. Do something God.

Scene 2
Rita gives nagesh samosay. He says go from here. Rita says why you do this with me. You both don’t respect me. I cooked these for you and you said go from here. He says don’t cry and eats them. He says they are so good.

Baji comes back home and is upset. Wasu and Uttara come.
Pragati is sitting in the corner and upset. Baji sees heer and says she is back. Pragati says I wont’ forgive him this time. Baji comes to her and says butterfly. She doesn’t talk to him. He says I am talking to you. He leaves. Wasu says baji where were you? He says at the fields. She says you work too? Baji says yes I work a lot. Ask people in the village.
Uttara says you know what your wife did today? Baji says she must have done some mistake again. I have to go everywhere and apologize. Wasu says you can’t talk to her like that. Baji says mom doesn’t even talk to me but she doesn’t understand. Uttara says first listen then speak. Baji says I can’t go to another person and apologize. He leaves. Wasu says don’t worry pragati we will get him on line.

Scene 2
Pragati comes to room and taunts Baji. He says you came back and gave up. I knew you can’t find a better guy than me. She says you think I came back for you? She empties her bag. baji says this phone you still have it. you can’t listen to just one thing? because of this phone gauri was punished. She says this phone actually. He says keep it I am leaving. He leaves.
Pragati says I forgot to ask sethji if she said to devi to let me keep this phone.

Sethji is in her room. Pragati comes there. She says sethji is doing yoga I should come back later. She leaves.
Devi says to pragati everyone in devsu is appreciating you. everywhere people are talking about you for saving lives. Pragati says I did what was in the phone. Devi says you still have it. Pragati says you asked me to keep it. Should I ask sethji? Devi says ask her but don’t go into details. She is fasting. Just ask her if you can keep this.

Pragato comes to sethji. Pragati says I wanted to talk to you. Sethji says yes? Pragati says in heart I shouldn’t talk about phone.


Sethji 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sethji says anything else?What are you hiding behind? Show me what it is. Pragati shows her the phone.