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Sethji 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sethji 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Pragati says I want justice. Justice to live in this house. Justice to live with my mother in law.
Sethji says I give you right to live in this house. I give you right to be baji’s wife. But.. She comes downstairs. Sethji says don’t for a moment I give you both right to be my son and daughter in law. Because when a mother is heartbroken I know how much hurt. Till I am alive you two won’t ever have this right. I give you both to live in this house. She leaves. Baji is in tears. Raghu says welcome back. What happened to your hand? Wasu says his might have done that. Raghu says thank God you are back. We were all so worried for you. Sambha says yes on your birthday we are both together. Praagati says today is your birthday? Happy birthday handsome man.
Uttara says she is so pretty. Wasu says yes. They introduce themselves to her. Devi says I am Devi Kaku. Pragati says yes baji told me about you. Devi says thank God they are back. Not everyone is this lucky. Gauri says I am the sister of Baji. Pragati says I have heard a lot about you.

Nagesh and ambi look for baji. His agent from Devsu call him and tell him Pragati and Baji are back there. Naesh says what? He says yes sethji has given them permission to live here.
Nagesh says that city girl is so clever. We need to be super careful with her.
Devi says for Baji Sethji changed her rules. Wasu says aren’t you happy for them? She says no no I am happy. But they can enter the house after cleaning. Ganesh says then where will Pragati live for tonight? Kasturi says she can spend the night at my place.

Sethji says today my son is back. But I am not happy. This is all because of that girl. She challenged me with my rules as well. And I am not just sethji I am a mother too. If Baaji goes away from me I won’t be able to live. These city people trap our innocent minds.

Scene 2
Kasturi is taking Pragati with her. She says okay Baji I will meet you tomorrow. Baji pulls her close. Pragati says baji.. Control. Kasturi says control for today. Then you both have to live together forever. Lets go Pragati. Sambha and Raghu take Baji.
Gauri says to sethji you are so nice. Thank you for letting them back in. Wasu says yes they are family. When someone realize their mistake we should forgive them. Sethji pardon them please Sethji says no why should I? She never asked for pardon. She asked for her right. I gave her right as being the sethji of this house. But not as a mom. They have hurt a mother for that I will never pardon them.

Baji comes to sethji. She says don’t talk to me. He says look at me please. How can I not talk to you? When I was away from you I felt like I will never see your eyes full of love again.

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