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Sethji 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Sethji 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Baji and Pragati are fighting. Baji says you are used to of this. You don’t understand anything that’s why you break rules. She says whatever. He sleeps. Pragati lies as well. She holds his hand in sleep. Baji wakes and smiles. He says this is a good way first fight and then do this and pretend that you are asleep. He puts her hand aside and sleeps on the floor. Pragati sees him. She says did he think I was touching him intentionally? Let him sleep on the floor.

Uttara says to wasu today is opragati’s first day in kitchen. Lets start with sweet. Pragati says it will be fun. Pragatu says I heard that gauri makes the best halwa. Uttara says yes she does. She is really upset in her room though. Sethji never scolded her before. Pragatu says then I have to make this halwa to make her smile.

Pragati comes to gauri and says see what i brought for you. I got this halw. Garui says I don’t wanna eat it. I have hurt my mom and everyone. Pragati says don’t cry. She was mad at me, not you. In face she was mad at that phone but you know what sethji has allowed me to keep this phone. Gauri says how? Pragati says because she realizes its a useful thing. It saved Papiya’s wife’s life. She will forgive you go talk to her. Pragati says yes go and talk to her once.

Pragti and gauri come toward’s sethji’s room. Gauri says I am really scared. Pragati says just go and apologize. Sethji is playing with Govinda. Gauri comes in. Sethji says govina go play outside. He says why? Gauri says I came to apologize. please punish me but don’t do this. i promise I won’t touch any city thing. Please forgive me. She is crying. Sethji says don’t cry. You are my daughter. She hugs her. She says i was mad at that phone not at you or pragati. Pragati smiles. She says everyone is house is happy today. Instead of that idiot baji. But at least sethji is smiling. She hears Devi screaming. Everyone runs downstairs.

Gauri says who is screaming. Sethji says its devi. you go and check I am not going.
Devi is crying in her room. She there is a lizard in my room. everyone laughs. She says find it. They all look here and there for the lizard. Baji sees her photo with bhao Sambha says here is the lizard. It ran outside. baji says go and hunt it. She says go its my yoga time.

Scene 2
Baji meets Ganiya. He says my wife is watchman. I have to answer so many questions before leaving the house. You are lucky. You know she did a wonder yesterday. Baji says what? Ganiya says don’t do drama I am sure you know. Baji throttles him and says tell me. Ganiya says papiya his wife Gaitri was about to die. Dai said she can’t save her and her child. Then prgaati saw something in her phone. He tells him everything. Baji is dazed. He says pragati did a wonder. Baji says pragati saved those lives? I was so rude to her.
Ganiya says everyone is appreciating her. Baji says i have to do something special for her. They hear some noise from the border.
They come there and see a person fainted. Baji says move. They check him he is badly beaten. When they see his face its Papiya. Everyone is dazed. Baji says who has hit him this bad. They see a note in his neck. everyone brings water for him. Baji takes out the note and reads it. Its says devsu people get used to of seeing this. From tomorrow you will see one person like this. Till sethji doesn’t accept our demands. Till then you will pay with your blood.


Sethji 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pragati says this nagesh has injured so many people. What does he want. Sethji says raghu get prepared. We have give this nagesh an answer.

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