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Sethji 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sethji 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Sethji recalls how Nagesh used to make drawings for her and Vinayak. Vinayak pulled her closer. Sethji was shy. Nagesh says bhabhi have love for him in your eyes don’t be so angry. She says no I don’t have anger for him. Vinayak says you have not seen her anger yet. They both laugh. Ahilya said I an going. Nagesh said it takes one moment to take photo in city but this paint takes 4 hours. Come to city with me and see the wonders there. Ahiliya says no we don’t wanna go there. Out devsu is enough. Vinayak said the city has given you wrinkles we don’t want them.
He showed them the paint. Sethji said make one for bhao and devi too. They really love each other.
Vinayak gave Nagesh a gift in return. He said we are friends. He gave her a trumpet. Nagesh said it is so pretty. He said see this radio I will play the music from it rather. Come to city with me and see the wonders there. Vinayak said this is amazing. Sethji says this city took a father from her sons. I will ask bhao and Nagesh where they took my Vinayak. How they made them forget me.

Scene 2
A woman and her husband are walking. Some men come and take him from there. The woman screams. She says they took my tukur. Baji comes and she tells him where they took him. She goes to palace and tells sethji everything, She says please save my husband. Sethji says wasy bring my sword. Wasu gives her sword. She says nagesh has to pay now.
Baji and raghu comes to the border. They see the man beaten. They read the letter it looks like live of people of devsu doesn’t matter to sethjji. Next attack will be on sethji’s family. Maybe then she will do something about it.
Sethji goes towards the border. Sethji says where is Tukur? He tells them everything. His wife cries and sobs. Sethji says any letter? Raghu reads her the letter. Sethji says every person of sethji is my family. Pragati says where is baji? Raghu says he went after the attackers. Setgji says I will go with him.

Bhao and Nagesh are celebrating. He says this is such a good trick. Sethji must be screaming. Ambi calls him. He says this time attack someone from sethji’s family. Bhao says you said the attack will be tomorrow? nagesh says that’s the plan. they won’t attack devi don’t worry.

Baji and Ganiya are in jungle. Baji says where is vitthal? Baji says look behind there are people there. Ganiya says should I bring raghu? Baji says go. Ganiya runs and collides with someone who is hung from the tree. He says vithal.. He holds him. He says I am here to save you. He screams baji come here please.


Sethji 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Baji and Ganiya hold vithal. Men come and beat them. Raghu says baji is nowhere inside devsu. Sethji says no one will go outside.