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Sethji 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sethji 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Baji comes to sethji and says you gave me birth this day. Please say my name once. You have right to disown me. But I have right to convince you. And I will do that till my last breath. She is in tears. She turns her back towards baji. Baji is leaving. Sethji says Baji.. Baji stops. He comes back towards Sethji. Baji shouts sambha ji.. As sethji I allowed them to live in this house. Never gave them right to be my son and daughter in law. Make sure they don’t talk to me again. And they follow everything. And one more thing i am just sethji for them not mom. She leaves. She is in tears. Sethji comes to her room and cries..

Scene 2
Pragati tells Kasturi Baji really loves me. Kasturi says that is why I helped you. She makes pragati dosa. Pragati says you people never went out. Then how did you know to make dosa? Kasturi says when a girl gets married here we accept her food. This is your turn. What can you cook? Pragati says I can’t cook at all. What will happen now? Kasturi says don’t worry. You will learn with time.
Ganiya comes. Kasturi says why are you here? Should I tell your wife? They laugh. Ganiya says I came to tell Pragati that baji is waiting for her in his small camp. Come there if you want to meet him.
Pragati comes there and sees that no one is there. Its dark. she says where is baji? Ganesh said he would be here. She sees Baji sitting in a corner. Pragati scares him and laughs. He says you.. SHe says such a cold welcome. Don’t talk to me. He says please don’t be mad. Pragati says today is your birthday. Praagati says you know there are rules in city as well. And you are breaking a rule. He says what? She says being upset on birthday. See I brought this halwa for you. Baji smiles. He says mom sent it? Pragati says no. Kasturi made it. But she put in a lot of effort. She picks up the candle. He says what are you doing? Pragati says you know this is called candle light dinner in city.

Pragati and Baji make each other eat the halwa. He say the halwa is over. She says there is a little remaining. pragati picks up the remains from his cheek and eat is. They come close. He is about to kiss her. pragati stops him. Pragati runs. she says be a good boy till marriage. He says after that? She says we can be naughty after that.
Pragati says we had so many memories related to this camp. You kept me here tied. He says I took care of you. She says who saved you when the snake bit you? He says yes you saved my life that. I can give my life for you. She says don’t say that. You are the reason of my life. I am doing all this for you. Pragati hugs him. The song sanwaray plays in background.
Pragati rests her head on Baji’s chest and they lie there. Baji says we will never fight after marriage. We have to reach the lake in the morning to purity ritual. I hope we dont’ break a rule this time. They both fall asleep.

Sethji 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pandit ji says the time is about to start. This pooja should start in time. Pargati is running and coming there. Baji waits for her.

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