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Sethji 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Sethji 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Pragati tells wasu a plan. She says its is such a good plan. Uttara says sethji will be so mad. Wasu says no its is good we will have fun. Uttara says okay.
Pragati is shutting windows. He says what is this for? She says because its eclipse. He says you didn’t tell mom about the ring? She says yes I will.

Devi comes to GAuri’s room and looks for her phone. She and bhao text ambi. Ambi says gauri has called me in the jungle. Nagesh says you fooled her? he says yes.
Bhao says we are done. He puts Gauri’s phone in water. He says Ambi shouldn’t contact her again. its our time.
Ambi goes to jungle. Two men see him. They run after but ambi hides. Devi comes there. Sbhe says I know you are ambi. I am devi bahos’ wife. I am here to help you. We are helping your dad. You want gauri? She won’t come here. Ambi says did prgati tell everyone? Devi says pragati didn’t tell anyone. Pratgati told your reality to Gauri. She hates you now. I can help you.

You can reach her help. Come to the house at night. Bring me this stuff. Ambi comes home and tells nagesh that Bhao wants old photos and a phone and power bank. Nagesh says why old photos? AMbu says why should it matter to us. We will have gauri.

Sethji has prepared a ppooja for Sunita. Sunita says we have to keep sunita safe from eclipse. Its not good for health of child. They apply haldi on her.
Ambi sneaks into the house. He says i have to be careful. Raghu is coming in his direction. Ambi says what should I do. Devi pulls and saves him. Devi says be careful. He says I will pick sethji’s daughter. She will take my side. Sethji wil be so shocked. She gives him a shawl to hide. She say did you bring that stuff from city? He says yes. He coveers his face. DEvi takes him to corridor. Sethji comes there.


Sethji 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : The pooja is goin on. Ambi comes to Gauri’s room and hugs her. Sethji comes to Gauri’s room and is shocked.

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