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Sethji 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sethji 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Devi says so sethji has forgiven Pragati? Sethji says shagun doesn’t mean I forgave her. Devi says I don’t understand. Sethji says what? Devi says don’t mind. Everyone is saying its your son’s wedding. But your disowned Baji. I mean you owned him again? Oh fine. Now i understand. Sethji says what are you trying to say? Devi says everyone thinks you are sethji and baji is your son so you forgive all of his mistake. Like today he broke your order but you ignored it. A mother’s heart is greater than sethji. Sethji says you don’t know so I am telling you. I did what the real sethji my husband would do. Devi says he wouldn’t have kicked his brother out of Devsu. He is suffering to stay away from his house because the real sethji isn’t here. Can’t your forgive him? Sethji says think before you speak. Bhao made a sin and that is why he was kicked out of Devsu. Today he is Nagesh’s closest friend. Nagesh is our enemy. Bhao never wanted to repent. When I kicked Baji out he made his house on the border but Bhoa went to Nagesh. He is an enemy of Devsu. Don’t even compare Bhao and Baji. Bhao wanted to destroy devsu. I can’t forgive all that. Devi says no. He shouldn’t come back here. I made a mistake. I shouldn’t have said this. Forgive me. Devi leaves.

Pragati is sitting in baji’s arms. She says I was so scared. I thought today we will be kicked out of devsu. He neck hurts. Pragati rests her head in Baji’s lap. He caresses her neck and recalls how she worked hard to do her punishment. Pragati smiles at him. He caresses her face. Pragati stands up. He says where are you going? She says Kasturi has called me. Baji holds her hand and pulls her close. He kisses her neck. Pragati says I am going. She runs out.

Scene 2
The pooja starts. Everyone gathers around fire. Wasu asks Pragati how does it feel. Pragatti says the atmosphere here is so good. Wasu says I understand a little bit of english. Pragati says Devsu looks so good today. Wasu says yes. When a girl comes here after marriage she makes sweets for everyone. Praagati says but I dont’ know how to make. Wasu says you will make it after marriage. Ganiya’s wife serves everyone sweets. Sethji tastes it and says its really good. She says GAnesh you are lucky to have a wife like her. Ganesh teases his wife when he makes her eat. Sethji recalls her time with her husband. How he used to tease her.
Pragati and Baji lit dia and candles together. pragati says to baji I can’t make any sweets. He says they will kick us out again. They laugh. Pragati sees Nagesh’s man. She sees bluetooth near his ear. SHe says how does he have bluetooth? She goes after him. Baji says where are you going? We have to eat the sweets. That man goes somewhere. Baji says what are you thinking? About our marriage? She says I was thinking have I chosen the wrong guy? I see many good boys here. Baji teases her. Sethji looks at them and smiles.

Scene 3
Everyone gets Pragati ready. They apply mehndi on her hands. Kasturi says you are almost ready. You look so pretty. Baji will be so happy to see you.
Baji is dreaming of Pragati. Baji thinks of his moments with Pragati and smiles.


Sethji 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nagesh’s man tells him that sethji’s son is getting married. Nagesh says set everything on fire but you have to take sandhya out of there today. Bhao says in heart I won’t let this wedding stop.