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Sethji 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Sethji 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
WAsu says baji is right. Mukti brother will sleep with you in your room. Baji says I am sorry I couldn’t show you devsu. I will show you entire devsu tomorrow. She says no worries. HE says I sleep alone here you can sleep here. Pragati says if I sleep here he will know my reality. She says I snort a lot. He says I used to sleep with sambha. He snorts too I don’t mind.

Wasu comes to room. Sambha says you look so happy. She says I have so many hopes. He says I see darkness all around. Wasu says I see a ray of hope. Everything will only get better. He says I hope that happens.
DEvi overhears and says what is wasu talking about? Why is she so hopeful?

Scene 2
Baji falls asleep. He sees pragati in his dreams. He says butterfly.. Pragtai.. Pragati says did he recongnize me? She realizes he is saying her name in sleep. He holds her hand and says in sleep I miss you pragati. You were look so beautiful. Pragati falls asleep next to him. She recalls their moments together.

Pragati wakes up and sees Baji holding her hand. She gets up before he gets up. She sees her beard falling. She fixes it.
Devi comes to Utara says wow you are such a good daughter in law. you serve sethji so much. That pragati didn’t do anything was getting all the credit. She gives her drug to mix in meds. She says give it to sethji and massage her hands with these oil. Wasu comes and says utara give me meds and oil. I am going to see sethji. Don’t worry. Devi says give the meds to her completely and massage with this oil. Wasu says okay. She leaves. Devi says you made the meds and she took all the credit. No one values your work.

Pragati says to Ganesh the herbs that she needs for sethji. Pragati checks sethji. She is getting better.
She massages her hands with the oil vaidh ji gave. Sethji gets up.


Sethji 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sethji shouts I want my mets. My meds.She shoves Pragati. Her beard falls off. Sethji sees her.

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