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Sethji 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Sethji 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Ganiya sees vithal hanging. He holds him and says what happened to you. Baji comes as well and they both hold Vithal and try to bring him down. Some men come around and start beating them. Baji and ganiya keep holding vithal.
Ganiya and baji fall down. Baji faints. The men take him with them. Ganiya is crying. he says baji.. Vithal. He looks at Vithal. Vithal is making no movement. The women come there and see Ganiya. Sethji says ganiya what happened tell us. He says they took Baji. SSethji recalls the letter. Pragati runs and says baji.. Ganiya says sethji.. He can’t breathe. Sethji says you are strong nothing would happen to you. Speak please. Ganiya points at vithal.

Pragati runs in the jungle to look for baji. Raghu comes there. They bring down Vihtal from the tree. Everyone is shocked. Vaidh ji checks him and says I am sorry he has died. Everyone is dazed.
Pragatu is crying. She says where is baji. Why did he had to go after them. What if they harm him. What if they baji as well. Raghu comes. Kasturi hugs baji. Pragati says did you find baji? Please tell me. He says baji is nowhere in Devus. Please command us what to do next sethji. We will do anything to save our baji. Pragati says sethji order them please. They are stopped because of you. Please ask them to bring baji from Amrat. Sethji says no. No one will go out of Devsu. Pragati says save my baji please. Sethji says I care about baji too. He is my son. As sethji I can’t let you all break rules. I need some time to think though. She goes to her room.

Pragatu is crying. Uttara says don’t cry. Lets take something for sethji to eat. Her fives days of fast are over. They all come to sethji. Uttara says mom eat something please. Sethji says I don’t want to. Pragati says i am sorry. i shouldn’t have talked like this outside. Sethji says I have lived 16 years without my husband. I can understand your pain. Sethji says i can’t eat until I see my baji. Please go and let me think of a solution of this problem. They leave.
Pragati comes to sethji and says I don’t want to offend you. but I want to know why nagesh is after devsu. What does he want. Sethji he will always be unsuccessful. He wants to takes over devsu.

Scene 2
Everyone comes to Vithal’s funeral. Ganiya is crying madly. A woman asks where is baji? did we get any information about him? Sehtji says no information yet. Everyone is crying. Vithal’s mom says I can’t bear this pain. I lost my son. I dont’t want to lose baji too. I hope he comes back fine. Ganiya is crying madly and not giving Vithal’s asthi to people. He says no one will come near my brother. He says I will die with my brother too. I couldn’t save him. Sethji is crying. She says I promise you all till we solve this problem I won’t sit for a moment.

Pragati is crying. She says we are running short of time. Sethji says nagesh will come to us himself.


Sethji 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sethji calls Nagesh and says where is my son baji? he says I know where he is and you know what I want. Sethji says I will bring it. Meet me alone with baji on the border of devsu.

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