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Sethji 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sethji 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Pragati meets Bhao and tells him everything. He says you shouldn’t go back to Puna then.
Pragati says I didn’t tell you that I am from Puna. How do you know? He says I went to city to find out about Sadarshya. Couldn’t find about him but found about you. She says only focus on him. Or leave that too. I wil do that myself. Bhao says you stay here and find him. I will look for him in city. She says why should I stay here? To see Baji and Sandhya marrying? Bhao you can stop that marriage. He is your friend. You should save him and help him. Will you? Pragati says yes.

Sethji asks uttara to prepare. Pragati comes there and says Baji.. Sethji says how dare you come back here? Pragati says I am here to help my friend. Look at your son. You have scared him so much that he can’t say a word. Wasn’t getting him 100 belts enough that now you want to ruin his life by marrying him? Sethji says who are you to interfere in our problems. Pragati says you are getting him married to a girl who has bad intentions. So I came there to save him. Baji says what you mean? She says I heard her talking to a man. They plan your destruction. Sethji says why should we trust you? Baji says you better not. I will talk to Baji myself. She says Baji.. Raghu comes. Sehtji says this is your guard raghu? She came here second time. Pragati says I am here to save Baaji. I won’t let this wedding happen. I know you dont’ like me coming here. Baji comes. Pragati says do wanna marry that girl baji? I am sure you are not ready and saying that under pressure. Sethji says enough. Pragati says you can’t rule me with your sethji title. Baji says enough. You have no right to speak in our matters.
Sethji asks Raghu to detain her. She says we will decide her punishment after Baji’s wedding. Raghu is taking her. Pragati says Baji please forgive me. Please don’t punish yourself.
Raghu says she won’t listen to you. She says I am not scared of your guard. He says shut up and come with me.
Baji recalls what she said. Sethji comes. Baji says I am sorry. She said all that because of me to you. Sethji says why are you saying sorry? I will handle her. She has some problem with. You don’t worry about anything. Just prepare for your engagement. Everyone is excited. Smile for me. Baji smiles and says nothing is more important than you for me. Sethji says you always make me happy. Get rest now. You have to wake up early tomorrow.

Pragati says please listen to me. Raghu says what is your problem? Pragati says bnaji is in trouble. That girl is here with intentions to ruin his life. Raghu says why do you care about him? He is a stupid villager. He is so stupid that he loves a girl when she smiles at him. SHe says how you know all this? He says these are you words. He doesn’t love you anymore. You broke his heart. You made fun of his love. Forget him. Raghu’s ex-beloved comes and says the person who made fun of love himself is talking about love? Raghu and Pragati are dazed.
Raghu says what are you doing here? She says I am kasturi. I am everywhere. Although some people need permission from his mother to even talk to me. He says this is not your matter.
Go from here. Kasturi says to Pragati come with me. Raghu says are you mad? She says my faith only tell me to protect love. Rgahu says if sethji gets to know she will punish you too. Kasturi says even today you are scaring me with punishment? I promise if Baji loves her then he will not marry that sandhya. Baji’s love story won’t be like mine. I will unite Pragati and BAji. If you want me to be punished for that sin then go tell your mom. I am taking her with me.

Baji says when I close my eyes I see you. When I open my eyes I want to see you. I don’t know if I will ever sleep peacefully. He recalls how she broke his heart. He says no. I can’t let you insult or hurt my family. When I miss you I will remember how rudely you talk to my mom. I will forget you Pragati.

Raghu comes home. Uttara says what happen? Did you lock that girl? did she annoy you? Raghu says yes I detained her. I am tired and going to sleep. Uttara says I hope whatever is best for all happens.

Scene 2
Pragati comes to Kasturi’s house. SHe says who are you? Kasturi says my name is Kasturi? Pragati says why are you helping me? Kasturi says because I can’t see lovers being parted. Pragati says what do you mean? She says you and Baji love each other. Don’t deny. You don’t wanna leave this place. You come back every time. Your silence is the proof of your love for him.

Sethji gives the sari to Sandhya and says promise us you will follow all our rules. She says I vow. Sethji says you are part of us now. Kasturi is there as well. Sethji does the arti.
Vaid ji says thank for giving her another life. Sethji says baji is lucky that he is getting a wife life Sandhay. Sethji says welcome Sandhya in Devsu. Wasundra and uttara will dress her up.


Sethji 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Pandit ji says now the guy and girl will make each other eat the sweet. Then they will be engaged. Pragati is overhearing. She says why is this happening. Please say no Baji. Please. Why do I feel so bad? Like my heart aches? Like something that is precious to me is being taken away.

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