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Sethji 4th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Sethji 4th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Bhao puts sethji’s picture in the darbar. He says in absence of Sethji I deserve to sit on this throne. Everyone is dazed. He says I don’t think that at all. This seat will always be of Ahilya. I am just her servant. I want to discuss something with you all. We are all orphans without sethji. Tukur says what can we do? Bhao says yes our hands are tied. Sethji isn’t get well. We always thought city only brings dirt. But now I think we should take sethji to city for treatment. They have advance meds. What should we do of such borders that will only deteriorate our sethji’s health. Our kids won’t die of ailment and our fields will flourish. We should sell our lands and take money from city people. Vaidh ji says we tdon’t use paper money in our devsu.

Bhao says we will buy things from city. Like meds that will make our sethji better. I will call in some people and take money from them. We will have a lot of money. Vaidh ji says does sethji know you are going to do this? He says enough I don’t wanna discuss it anymore. Raghu I want the calculation of land in devsu by evening. He leaves.

Devi says to uttara you kaka proposed such a good solution. Sethji should have done it before. Wasu comes. Devi says wasu why don’t you work here. you don’t come and help Uttar. No one values her work. How is sethji? Wasy says her skin is getting worse? And her hair are falling as well. Devi says she is getting bald? Wasu says what mad bhao think we would sell our lands. Devi says he did that for everyone’s better. Uttara says kaka did right. It should have happened before. Wasu says are you out of your mind?Uttara says if they are doing something for our better. we should listen to it. Wasu says what about sethji’s orders? Uttara say why weren’t you against it when baji brought that prgatai in our house. Why were you silent when mom hugged and treated pragati like a daughter. sHe couldn’t see she was a snake. Devi says you are right. We shouldn’t have listened to her. Pragati has done this to sethji. Uttara says yes.

A man comes to Raghu and says that land is like a mom to me. It gives us food. What should I do? He is crying. Raghu says okay go I will check later. The man says so we will auction our lands to outsiders? Stop Bhaorao please. Sambha says do something raghu. All the people beg them to do something. Raghu says I can’t help you all. I have to take care of this seat. Sambha says yes the respect was for this land. Did sethji let Bhao to sit on that seat? We can’t respect him just because he sits there. None of the people or sethji chose him.

Raghu recalls sethji’s words. That we have to protect this land. This is our duty towards the land. Uttara comes there. He says what happened? She says Bhaorao said that and everyone agreed. Raghu says no one agreed. He is doing a mistake. She says why can’t you all see truth? You all doubt Bhaorao. Devsu is in this condition because of Ma’s mistake. He says not a word against her. She says isn’t she human? Didn’t she make a mistake by bringing pragati here? Didn’t she make a mistake by keep bhao away from his wife for 16 years. Why are you silent now? She keeps arguing.


Sethji 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Bhao says on call I have prepared everything. He goes to meet Nagesh and says I have sent that sethji to a side and her sons cant’ do anything either. Raghu comes there and says you can’t fool us anymore.

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