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Sethji 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Sethji 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Uttara says Sethji made mistakes. Raghu says not a single words more. Uttara says if doctors come they will treat sethji better. Raghu says i don’t wanna hear it anymore. He leaves. Uttara sits there crying.
Doctor checks Sethji. He says pragati you did a wonder. Her poison is always ended. She will be weak though you all have to support her. Wasu says she is strong and we are all here for her. Pragati asks Ganesh to take him to the border. Pragati says sethji people here need you. Wasu says she will okay.
Ganesh comes in. He says when I was taking doctor out the elders were coming here. What will we say when they come here.

Raghu hears Bhaao talking on phone. He says be ready I am coming. Raghu follows him. He goes to meet Nagesh.
Wasu says pragati you and doctor hide here. I and ganesh will handle here. The elders say we can’t let that happen. Bhoa is being unjust. We need her. We know that she isn’t well. We just wanna look at her once. Ganesh opens the door. They all look at sethji in tears. They recall how she used to handle things in DEvus.

Raghu sees bhao meeting Nagesh. Nagesh says whats up? Bhao says I have set that sethji aside and now we have to kick her kids out. Nagesh says they are very clever. Bhao says what should we do now? Raghu says we should kill them. Raghu comes there and says you will kill her. We made a mistake. Now every person here will punish you. I will tell everyone your reality. Nagesh’s men catch Raghu and take him from there.

The kid comes to Baji and says get ready for the pooaja. Baji says I am going to meet mom.

DEvi says bhao you are so wise. You will auction their lands. Get my brother those lands near lake. he says okay. Go and give Sethji meds. A kid overhears them. He says she wants our land?
Wasu is making meds. Uttara says should I make it? Wasu says no. Uttara says in heart I know she is mad but she will realize I was right. Wasu says in heart I know you think I am mad. But you are my sister. I have to hide this for a bit longer.
DEvi comes and says to Wasu you have to mix this med in Sethj’s med. Wasu says okay I will. She throws it away after Devi leaves.
Pragati applies meds on Sethji.
Pragati gets her up. She says today is the last day. Sethji says ouch my hands itch. Pragati says for one minute please tolerate this. She screams with pain.


Sethji 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Bhao says to Sethji you can’t even stand and you think you will handle Devsu? You have no worth. Bhao goes to temple and says I will do the pooja sethji does every year.

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