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Sethji 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sethji 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Pandit ji gives Pragati arti plate. Pragati does the arti. Ganesh says abji you are marrying the same girl twice. Vithal says you can still say no. Baji says I will ask your mom to get you married too.
Bhao is outside devsu. He says I have to think of something before nagesh stops Paragati’s wedding. I have to inform devi about his plan but how. We have no plan to meet.
Devi opens Pragati’s bag. She finds her phone. She says what is this. It rings. She recalls bhao has the same phone. She recalls he told her that this is phone. You can talk to anyone from it. She said give me a phone too. He says sethji punished you for a bag and if she sees this she will kill you. Devi says I should place this near Pragati. If sethji sees this she will be really mad. She will be so mad to know Pragati brought it here.

Baji and Pragati do antar paat ritual. Devi says this happens when the bride and groom have not seen each other. They have lived with each other. Sethji says the ritual will happen. ganiya brings warmala. They make each other wear warmala. Devi has placed Pragati’s bag under the table.
Baji and Pragati start the rounds around fire. He takes all the vow again.
Pandit ji says they are married now.
Baji and pragati touch sethji’s feet. They touch everyone’s feet.
Wasu says now Baji is of Pragati. Sethji recalls his childhood.

Pandit ji says one ritual is left. You have to vow that from today you will follow the rules of devsu.
Bhao says devi should take baji and pragati’s side. But I can’t trust devi. she can do anything. I have to do something.
Pragati hears her phone calling. Bhao is calling her. Pragati realizes the bell and says oh no this is from my phone. Sethji says where is this voice coming from? KAsturi realizes it is coming from Pragati’s bag. Devi says let me check. Pragati runs to check her phone. She takes out her bag. The kalash falls from Pragaati’s hand. Everyone is dazed.

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