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Sethji 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Sethji 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Sethji screams with pain. Pragati makes her sleep. Someone is coming there. A woman comes and says sethji please you have to get up for us. Bhao will sell our land. devi comes there and says from now you have to speak only well of bhao. He is your new sethji. She takes the woman out. Pragati cleans sethji’s meds.

Sambha says has someone seen Raghu? Uttara says he has been out for sometime. She recalls her speaking ill of Raghu. Sambha says don’t worry I will see where he is.
Baji comes to Sethji’s room. Pragati hides. He recalls his moments with Sethji. He holds her hand. She says baji.. Baji says you are getting better sethji. Sethji gets up and smiles. She says baji you came.. How are you? He says I am good. Everything will be good now. Sethji says is shastra pooja? Take me there please Baji says you will come right? I will tell sambha and rgahu. He realizes he was dreaming all this. Sethji is on bed.H He says this dream gave me a hope that you will get well. Sethji says meds. Meds. Baji says i will bring them. He goes out. Pragati comes out and sits with sethji.

Bhaao is coming towards sethji’s room. Ganesh says you can’t go inside. Bhao says better stay shut or I will kick you out of devsu. He goes in.
Bhao sees sethji with covered face. He says sethji i am so worried about you. Worried that you might get well. But your condition makes me so happy. I am the new sethji. You can’t even stand. You have no worth. I will release you from this soon by givving you death. He goes. Ganesh says sethji are you okay.. He realizes its not sethji.

The pooja is starting. People say who will do pooja in sethji’s absence. Uttar says where is raghu? He hasn’t come back. SAmbha says I cam smell a conspiracy. Bhao says I will do the pooja. He comes forward to d o the pooja. He says lets begin it.


Sethji 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pragati says sethji you have to get up and show your what you are. Nagesh comes in pooja. His men arrest baji and sambha. Nagesh says welcome the new owner of this house.

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