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Sethji 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Sethji 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Pragati reads don’t take my name. Your pragati. She says I don’t know why name came here? Sethji says did you write it? Pragati says no you can check my handwriting. A man says but why has he used your name? Only you know this language here in Devsu. Pragati says if I had written it why would have I read it out loud? I don’t know how to make you believe. Baji says I know pragati more than anyone. I am sure this is some conspiracy of that Ambi.
Bhao tells Devi that ambi has gone. Devi says our game has just started. No one can stop them from our game.

Pragati hugs Baji. He says what happened. She says you took my side and trusted me. Thanks. If you didn’t take my side everyone would have blamed me. He hugs her. Baji says I didn’t do a favor. You are my wife. I know you are loyal to me. He says I know you can never harm my family or Devsu. She says can you forgive another mistake? He says what other mistake? She says I know why Ambi came to devsu. He came to meet Gauri. Two days ago I saw gauri and ambi together in jungle. She tells him everything. Baji is shocked. Pragati says this is why he came to Devsu.

Gauri is sneaking out. She runs towards the jungle. Baji’s man stops him. Ambi hits the guy. He says lets go gauri. Bhao sees them going. He says finally and laughs. Someone hits his back.
Pragati says I am sorry I should have told your earlier. Baji says you handled it? You made a mistake. You should have told this earlier. We should have stopped him.
Guru ji says I trust Pragtai. She won’t ever read the letter. Tukur says few days ago I saw pragati talking to a guy on border. I felt like that was Ambi. everyone is dazed. pragati I will go and tell sethji about gauri and ambi.

It is devi who has hit bhao. She says sorry. He says be careful hit them not me. She says now it will look like you were running after them and it hurt you.

Baji and pragati come to darbar. Sethji says what you wanna say? Pragati says I wanted to tell you soemthing. Devi comes crying and says you won’t believe whatv happened. Sethji says what happened? Devi a huge thing hapepend. Gauri and ambi are running. They sit in car. Gauri says I don’t wanna sit in your baba’s car. You know what he has done to our village. Ambi says I love you. Please sit in the car. I hate my baba too. She says but you will live with him. He says no I will only live only live with you.

bhao comes in and says Ib will tell you what happened. Sethji says this bruise? Bhao says Gauri has fled from Devsu. She ran with ambi. Sehtji shouts and says do you even know whom are you talking about. You are talking about my daughter. How dare you. Bhao says how can I lie to you. This guard saw them as well. Ambi hit him. He says yes. When I heard I went after them. Ambi and bhao attacked me and I fainted. Sethji says no this is not possible. My daughter can’t do that. Bring gauri here. they all look for gauri. She is nowhere. Baho says don’t waste time. You won’t find her. I told you what I saw. Wasu comes and says Gauri is nowhere in the house. Everyone shakes heads in tears. Sethji shouts gauri come here. Here in darbar. Wasu sayas she is nowhere. Sehtji falls on her chair in tears.
Pragati says in heart baji was right I should have told them earlier.

Pragtai says I wanted to tell.. Bhao says I am not done yet. I remember who sadashiv was. Bhao says bring your mom’s picture. I will prove everything.


Sethji 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sethji says you are nagesh’s daughter and you have fooled us all. But she is baji’s wife and my daughter in law. I will be punished along with her. BAji will stone me.

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