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Sethji 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sethji 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Pragati says I am sorry everyone. I didn’t do that delibrately. That kalash fell when the mobile rang. I don’t know how it happened. Baji please say something. Sethji says we can’t oversee everything. We told you so many times that there is no place for city things in this village then why don’t you understand? You don’t take our rules seriously. You can never understand. She is leaving. Baji says mom please. Wasu says don’t leave the wedding. Baji says pragati made a mistake. Sehtji says you can carry on but I can’t stay here anymore. Devi says stop Sethji. I will come with you. Pragati stands there in tears.
Sethji says why are you coming after me? Devi says to support you. Sethji says really? I thought you were thinking the same that I was. That pragati is ghost I think. Didn’t you see that thing magical in her bag? Sethji says its a city device. She had to keep it out of devsu. All this happened before in our house? Sethji none of our women ever wore black to a wedding before too.
Devi says I don’t have city things like pragati so I can only show my anger like this.

Baji says to Pragati what did you do. I told you rules so many times. How did this mobile came to mandap? She says I gave this to Kasturi. I don’t know how it came here. I remember I sent it. Baji says yes it came itself? Pragatu says you don’t trust me? You think I did that unintentionally? He says you did that because you are careless.

Sethji says go from here and ask pragati to throw that thing out of devsu.
devi says I will tell her but not sure if she will agree or not.
Pandit says don’t fight with each other. We can just repent like our lords did. They washed their sins. He ties their knot again and says don’t ever do this again. Baji says tell her. Pragati says yes I am fool. He says I didn’t mean that. Pragatu says yes yes. Everyone smiles. Wasu says go pour lake water on her. Pandit ji says you two can’t talk to each other. They leave.
Pandit ji says baji keep this knot on your shoulders.

Scene 2
Nagesh’s man comes towards the detention. He says I have get sandhya out of here. But if Sethji sees me she will me.
Pragati and Baji are walking towards the lake. SHe says in heart he is looking at me like I will untie the knot. Baji says in heart I wont let any mess happen now.
The guard feels like there is someone. Nagesh’s man faints him.

Ambi says baba you ever noticed whenever we make a plan bhao goes somewhere? Nagesh says he gets happy and dreams of becoming sethji. I have kept him for 16 years. Ambi says what if that spy gets caught? Their men will beat him. Nagesh says so what? We give him money.
The spy hits the other guard on head. He faints him too.
Rita comes and says I have done so much shopping. If you don’t give me more money I will go on hunger strike. Nagesh says here is money for your shopping but I have urgent work. I can’t come. Ambi will go with you. He gives her money and says take him. Ambi says but.. Nagesh says you do what I say. Ambi says i am your father. The armies come in the battle field.

Pragati sees that spy but she can’t speak.


Sethji 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Raghu tells Sethji sandhya has ran from the detention. Sethji says who can help her and do this.
Nagesh comes on border and says why you look so sad? Like you lost something.