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Sethji 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Sethji 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Pandit ji starts pooja. Baji says how can you do this without sethji. Bhoa says shut up.
Ganesh says to wasu and pragati sethji bhao said so much to her. Wasu smiles and takes off the sheet. Its devi sleeping instead of sethji. Ganehs is dazed. He says how did you do this.

Pragati tells him devi came in the room and saw pragati. Devi said how dare you enter our devsu. I will tell baji. Wasu came there too. Devi said wasu see our enemies are here. Wasu says yes our real enemy is still here. Devi said I am your devi kaku. Pragati says devi kaku who gave sethji poison. Devi said what are you saying. Why would I do that. Wasu you trust me right? Pragati said you will tell us why you did all this. Devi said she betrayed us. Pragati said they will all trust me when they see your reality. Devi I will drink this med if you think I mixed something in it. Pragati said go ahead. She says but sethji.. Devi drank the med and fainted.
Ganesh says bhao will auction lands. He said that. Pragati says he can’t do that. THe real sethji is still here.

Bhao picks the weapon. Pandit ji says you can’t pick a weapon during pooja. Bhao laughss and says no no. This needs to be used. Like sethji entire devsu’s fate would change. Sambha says only sethji can decide our fate. Bhao says can she even do that? You all are under me now. Thats better for you. I am your Sethji now.

Scene 2
Raghu is kidnapped in the car. Nagesh has a lawyer with him too. Bhao says today I will auction your lands. A man says you can’t do this. Bhao attacks him. Sambha stops him but he withholds his hand. Sambha says you are crossing limit. Bhao places sword on his neck. He says take them. Nagesh’s men come and grasp all the men. Baaji says you wont’ be able to win this time. Baji says this mean Raghu is in trouble as well.
Nages comes inside Devsu.
Bhao says I have brought food for you all. First sign the paperss. Sunita says how will we survive. He says go to city and beg. Bhao says the worse is coming he is on his way.
Nagesh comes in everyone is dazed. Bhao says welcome welcome. He hugs Nagesh. Everyone is crying. Nagesh says they are all so angry. This palace, still very same. Why are you all so sad? Welcome your new landlord.

Pragati says sethji you have to open eyes. You have to protect your Devsu for us. you are a mother of devsu; You have to get us for all this. Show them your love for devsu is more than this poison. Please open eyes.
Nagesh says your sethji wont’ come here. They forcefully make people stamp thumb on papers. Baji saays how can you stoop so low. Nagesh says you let snake in. Wow bhao what a game.


Sethji 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Devi sees the map. She says map of the wealth.A woman shouts on nagesh. He shoots her. Everyone is shocked. Devi comes to the place where map points. A man is there he says you took so long to come.

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