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Sethji 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Sethji 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Bhao says go bring your mom’s picture. Pragati says okay. Bhao says today everyone will know who is sadashiv. Bhao says devi bring the trunk I gave you before leaving. Devi takes out the photo.

Uttara comes to devi’s room. She says should we show that letter to everyone? Devi says what letter? She says the one we found in pragati’s room. Devi recalls asking uttara where is govinda? She said he must be in Pragati’s room. Devi took Uttara to prgatai’s room. Devi and uttara looked for Govinda. Devi threw a letter on Uttara’s way. Uttara picked the letter.
Devi says Uttara we should tell Sethji reality of pragati. If sethji gets to know we hid things from her she would be really mad. Utara says I will bring that letter.

Pragti brings her locket. Bhao shows the picture to everyone. He shows everyone her mother’s picture with Nagesh. Bhao says sadashiv is nagesh. He is Pragati’s father. Everyone is dazed. Bhao says now you know who Pragati is. This is why she went to Nagesh’s house. I met her there first time. Sehtji says did you go there pragati? Pragati says yes i did. Devi says now I get the letter Uttara got. Pragati says what letter? Uttara brings the letter and gives it to raghu. Raghu is dazed.
He says the letter says pragati married Baji on nagesh’s plan and they manipulated gauri with ambi.

She helped him running from here. Bhao says now you know who was nagesh’s person here. Baji says enough. She is still my wife. Pragativ can never fool us. She might be nagesh’s daughter but she can’t betray us. Sethji says pragati did you go to nagesh’s place? She says yes. Sethji says did you know about ambi and gauri? Pragati says but I.. Sethji says you have betrayed all of us. We always respected you and you helped our daughter for running. you helped your dad and brother. Baji says but its not pragati’s fault. Sethji says are you blind in your love? This girl should be punished. Baji is her husband and she is my daughter in law so I wil be punished with her.

Sambha says but its not your mistake. Sethji says I couldnt’ see the traitor within us. Its my fault. She took advantage of my foolishness. Baji and everyone will stone her and me together. Baji will stone me too. Everyone is dazed. The men take pragati from there. Baji holds her hand. They pull them and take pragati to detention. Sethji goes upstairs. She is in tears. She locks herself in her room. Uttara and wasu cry outside and ask her to open the door.
Devi says leave her alone for sometime.

Scene 2
They take Pragati to the ground. Everyone taunts pragati. They blame her for everything Nagesh did.
Baji comes to his room in tears.


Sethji 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Everyone stones sethji and pragati.devi says the punishment isn’t over. Baji has to stone them too.