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Sethji 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sethji 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Pragati tries to tell baji that someone is there at the detention place. They can’t talk. Baji says asks her to go. Pragati tries to explain him through symbols that someone is there and the guards are not present there either. Baji takes her from there to the river. They come to the river and do the pooja. Pragati says in heart hurry up. I have to tel you something. Baji sits down. They clean. Pragati says why weren’t you listening to me. He says pandit ji asked us to repent and you wanted to show to sandhya. He says what? No. Baji says why you wanted to go there? You don’t respect our rituals. Pragati says you and your mom only see my mistakes. Why would I bring my phone there? He says but you did. Pragati says I sent it from there. I don’t know how it came there.

I apologized everyone still your mom left. BAji says she forgave us so many times. Still you keep doing these mistakes. She says you did the first one by kidnapping me. I saved you from that sandhya. Don’t blame me. He says why did you want to go towards the prison? She says I saw someone at the gate trying to open it. Baji says guards would have stopped if someone was there. Pragati says there were no guards there. BAji says oh yes you are right. We should go and check. She says finally you understood.

Raghu comes to Sethji and tells that sandhya has ran. The prison is empty. Sethji says how can it happen. Is your safety so weak? Sambha says but raghu was in wedding. Raghu says papiya told me that sandhya isn’t there. SEthji says what did you see there? He says I was not feeling well. Thats why I couldn’t come to wedding as well. When I came here and crossed the detention no one was there. All the doors were open. Pragati comes there thinks in heart the guy looked like him but I am not sure. Baji says that means you were right. Sambha says what did she see there? Baji says when we were going towards lake we couldn’t speak. Praagati saw someone there. She tried telling me but I couldn’t understand and took her to river. Raghu says the guards were not asleep. They were fainted. Sethji says how can someone do that? Pragati picks up a bottle from there. She says it has a medicine that faints people.
Sambha says this is not of devsu. Who brought it here? Sethji says some traitor. The way sandhya has been released that person knew everything.
Sambha says but who would do that? Sethji says the day we catch him it will be a lesson for everyone. He will be the last traitor to come her.e

Wasu does arti of Pragati and says you are welcome in this house. She says look down. Pragati says another kalash. Wasu says you have to kick this one with your foot and enter the house. Pragati says to baji I am hungry. He says I will make you eat. Everyone smiles. Baji says kick the kalas and enter the house. Pragati enters the house. She stamps her feet on the floor. A strong storm rages outside. Everyone is dazed. Pandit ji recalls the old storm.

Sethji says that day pandit ji told us that there will be a change in our devsu. It think its the same signal. Nagesh comes to border. Nagesh says why are you so sad Sethji? Like you lost something special. He laughs. Raghu says order me sethji I will kill him. Ambi says stay in your limits. You can’t come out of your Devsu. Nagesh says Sethji is silent like she is in a shock. What have you lost? Ambi says or like someone fled from your detention. They laugh.


Sethji 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nagesh says what I want from Devsu please give it to me. Or you will regret. I will rage as a storm on your devsu. Sethji says Pragati is my daughter in law and to protect her I can even cross this border to answer you.