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Sethji 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Sethji 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Devi wakes up. She recalls what happened. She says she must have told Sethji. Sethji would be up too. Our game would be ruined. I wont’ let this happen. I will handle everything.
Nagesh’s men ask all the people to get in line and start stamping property papers. Sethji is still asleep. They force people to stamp on papers. People are crying. They force women too. Sethji is still fainted. Gauri and Uttara are crying. Lawyer says all villagers have stamped.

Devi comes there and says I should tell bhao about Pragati. Nagesh says my dream is coming true. I got whole land of Devsu. They hug each other.
Nagesh says its my turn. As the owner of lands here. I announce you the sethji of this devsu. Be happy everyone and serve your seth. Baji says don’t you dare sitting on that seat. Its my mom’s.

Scene 2
Devi comes to store. She finds a paper. Its the map of Devsu’s wealth. She says oh before Nagesh gets there I will get it. She says i and bhao will succeed. She follows the map and comes near a cave.
Bhao says I think we should end their hopes by kill sethji. A woman says you sinner, you can’t harm our child. Your sins will get you killed. Nagesh takes out his gun and shoots her. She falls down. Everyone is dazed and crying.
Nagesh says now this will maintain silence. Her husband says our sethji won’t pardon you for this sin. He laughs and says she wont come. She can’t. We have won now. No one would come now.

Devi goes towards the case. There is a man in that cave. He is a baba doing his pooja. He says you came so late. SHe is dazed. She turns back in shock. Baba continues the pooja. She says I think I came to wrong place. He says no you came to right place. You won’t get the seat or wealth or anything. You had to come to me. The sinners come to me. SHe says I made a mistake? He says sinners ask these questions? She says you know how I was taken from everything. Sethji would come there. Please baba ji save me from sethji. He says then why you came here?


Sethji 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nahgesh says no one would come to save you. Sethji comes there with trishun.

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