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Sethji 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sethji 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Sethji says don’t be so happy. Nagesh says you speak so well. Anyway tighten your son’s rope. We have heard your son ran with a city girl. And she crushed Devsu’s rules and came back. Still so much attitude? Sethji says she is our daughter in law. A tree full of fruits only bows down. Nagesh says wow you talk so much. That city girl won’t let you sit on your seat much. She is a clever fox. Why so shocked? How I know her? She came to my house for help when you kicked her out. Then I realized she is of your competition. Sethji says she is my daughter in law. Better think before you speak about her or I can even cross this line to answer. Nagesh says I took sandhya from you even by standing here. So give me what I want from devsu or I can have it anyhow. He leaves.

Pragati comes to room. Baji is doing push ups. He stops and looks at her. The song jenay laga hun plays in background. He comes close to her. He says I had been waiting for this moment for so long. Are you happy now? We married in front of everyone. This is what you wanted right? He hugs her from behind. Pragati says we just got married. Don’t be so hasty. We can wait for another few months. He says what are you saying. She laughs. He says you are fooling. He falls on her on bed. Baji comes close to kiss her. He kisses her neck. Baji caresses her face. He reads poetry for her. Pragati laughs. Wasu and Uttara knock at the door. They laugh. Baji opens the door. Wasu says what were you doing? Baji says I was reminding her devsu’s rules. Baji says why is your cheek red then? Wasu says don’t be so hasty. A few rituals are still left. They take Praati with them.

They take them downstairs for ritual. Kasturi reads a poetry. Sambha says your words are so good. Devi says what else can she do? She doesn’t have a family. I mean she speaks nice. But did pragati get it? Pragati says I did. We have to find the ring in this bowl. Baji and Prgati look for the ring. Pragati finds the ring and wins.
Songs play and they all dance. Pragati shows him off the ring. Raghu says baji is gone. Sambha says now she will rule you all your life.
The second ritual starts. Kasturi says with this we decide when will wedding night be. They laugh. Kasturi says no you have to make rangoli. The winning person decides when will wedding night be. They both starts making rangoli. Baji wins this one.

Sethji recalls what nagesh said.

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