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Sethji 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sethji 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Raghu says this is too much. What if Sethji gets to know about it? I need to do something.
Baaji says to Pragati nothing is over. I still love madly. My butterfly. Pragati hugs him. He says in heart but you will have to go. For my mom.
Sethji takes out all the stuff. She says I collected all this for Baji’s wife. He is getting married now. This all will look good on Sandhya. My Baji is so obedient. But where is he? He should sleep early. Tomorrow is his wedding.

Raghu comes to Kasturi. She says came here with anger again? He says its not time to joke. We can’t let this happen. Kasturi says this is a small thing. Raghu says tomorrow is Baji’s wedding and he is with that girl. If sethji gets to know then.. She says you want to separate two lovers because of her anger again? This is a small thing if you don’t take it to your heart. Sethji says no right to decide for his life. He says I can’t explain again. She says again? You never did. I don’t know where they are? Baji came here and took Pragati to leave her out of devsu. Now lets so what wins. Love or Sethji’s anger.

There are pillows under sheet. Sethji says he is asleep.
Baji says here is the border of the village. There is your world. She says you love me you said. He says I have to marry sandhya.. She says love me and marry her? He says she is a villager. You are a modern girl of city. You won’t marry me even if I say. She says no problem is from your side. I have no relatives but you have your mom and devsu’s rules. Will you break the rules and go against everyone for me? No. I thought you would stop me. But okay.. I should leave now. The song haamari adhuri kahani plays in background. Baji starts walking inside Devsu and she starts walking outside. She is looking at him. She turns back and Baji stops and looks back at her. He comes back to Pragati and says no I won’t let you go anywhere. I will break all the rules. I will marry. I won’t let you go like this. He cuts his finger and fills her hairline with his blood. Pragati is dazed.

Raghu asks his men if they have seen Baji. He asks his men to look for baji. He says no one should know about this order.
Baji lits fire. Pragati says are we really marrying? He says yes we will take seven rounds. And take those seven promises. First that husband will always stand by her in life. She says do you vow? He hold her hand. They take the round around fire. Baji says I promise you I will always stand by you and won’t let any trouble walk towards you. They take the seven rounds around fire.
Raghu is in jungle. He says I have to find them at any cost. He sees smoke and says probably Baji is there.
He goes in that direction. He sees a guard. Raghu says who lit that fire? The man says I did. baji isn’t there. Raghu says keep looking.
Baji says this was the seven round. She says so we are husband now? He says yes. I baji rao and you butterfly rao. She laughs.
She says you are by brave husband to take care of me. In this jungle and that too. He says I vow on this fire that I will always protect you. No matter what happens. I won’t let anything happen to you. She says so sweet. I never thought you would love me this much. He says my butterfly my wife. They hug.

Scene 2
Next morning, Sethji wakes up. She is preparing everything. She sets the saris for Sandhya. Uttara helps her. Wasu says how I look? Sehtji says so pretty like a bride. devi comes and says I am so tired. Sethji says so soon?
Gauri says how I look? Sethji says so beautiful. Wasu says get her married too. She says I won’t leave devsu ever. Sethji smiles.
Uttara brings the sari. Sethji says why are you not ready? Focus on yourself too. Devi says so many jewelry. sethji didn’t give me anything on my marriage. Sethji says what? devi says nothing.
Sethji says lets go. Its getting late. Raghu comes in. Sethji says Raghu you were on duty all night? Its your brother’s wedding. Go get ready and bring baji too. I will see you both in the temple. Raghu says listen.. Sethji says no there is no time now. They leave for the temple.

Baji wakes up in the jungle and recalls what he did last night. Pragati is asleep in his lap. He recalls he married her last night and promised to protect her. He is in a shock. He says how could I do this.. He looks at Pragati sleeping. Pragati wakes up. She sees ashes of the fire. She recalls what happened last night. Pragati says Baji.. We.. We married last night. What will happen now. Your mom will kill us both.
Baaji recalls how happy sethji was. Sethji said my soon will always keep my pride. Baji says how could I break my mom’s heart. Pragati says in heart he is feeling really bad. What should I do.. She says BAji whatever happened we were not in senses. No one knows we married. Lets forget that we know each other or we got married. He says what? can you forget all this? She says of course. I will hurt in the beginning but will be okay with time. Go back to your devsu and I will go back to my city.
You and your mom your family no one would be hurt. Marry the girls she wants you to. She walks away in tears.


Sethji 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Baji comes to the wedding place. Devi says there is sindur in her hairline. Baji says I married Pragati.. Sethji looks at him angrily. Raghu slaps him. Vaidhji says my daughter needs justice..

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