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Shakti 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shakti 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Harman bringing Soumya to room. Soumya says it doesn’t look good as everyone is having food downstairs. Harman says I like to stay with you and spent time with you. He shows golgappa. Soumya says Golgappa. Harman says someone says that husband and wife stay together if have golgappa’s together. He shows the pani packet and it is nearly empty. Soumya says so what, that golgappa’s man trust is strong that our relationship is for keeps. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays…Varun comes there and thinks environment is romantic, I shall put some tadka of tradegy. Soumya and Harman Golgappa with each other hands. Varun comes to room and says Surbhi gave these divorce papers for you. Harman says I will sign and signs on it. Soumya cries.

Harman says when relation goes bitter, it should break and shall not be dragged. He says there was nothing between Surbhi and me, I am just yours. He says Surbhi have the full right to end this relation and start afresh. We have to support Surbhi. Soumya nods. He says you might be thinking that I talk so good and says I have learnt all this from you. He asks her to give him bracelet. She ties on his hand. He opens it and asks Soumya to tie again. She ties again. Harman says it is opened again.

Soumya says she understands that he is doing this purposely. He says our relationship is like bracelet hook and says if you are not attached to me then I am like this open bracelet. She asks what is your education? He says he has studied till 8th class. She says you would have learnt much things if you are much educated. Harman asks if she is teasing him. Soumya says no and says she herself is not educated, and praises him. Harman asks her to drop him till door like a good wife.

Balwinder tells Raavi that they shall go back to Kishan lal as Harak Singh will not give them anything. Raavi says she will talk to him and get the money. Harman asks Soumya to hug him and refuses to go until she hugs him. Soumya refuses. Harman hugs her. Preeto sees him hugging Harman and thinks love like this is not seen or heard. Harman goes. Preeto calls everyone in the hall and says I accept you as Harman’s wife today and handing over house keys to you. She says house will run just as you want to run. She asks Soumya to take keys. Soumya is hesitant and gets scared. Shanno asks if all men and women are dead in the house that kinnar will rule in the house. Preeto says she is elder bahu of the house. Shanno says she is like paper flower and can’t be real one if a mad bawra flies over it.

Preeto goes to Shanno and slaps her hard. She says that mad bawra is her son and this mum can name all house to that paper flower. Raavi says it seems…..Preeto asks her not to tell else she will get slapped. She says this is my house and asks who are you? She says this house is paraya for you after your marriage, you couldn’t handle your house and now wanting to break mine. She asks Soumya to keep the keys. Soumya refuses. Preeto says you are not just wife, but bahu of this house. Shanno thinks I will see how an incomplete woman fulfill the duty of a complete woman. Preeto says my decision is final in the house and gives her keys. Soumya says I am not educated and can’t calculate. Preeto asks her to take her or Harak Singh’s help. Harak Singh comes home and is shocked to see Preeto giving keys to Soumya.


Shakti 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Soumya brings food for Shanno. Shanno taunts her and asks her to talk about her rights. Soumya comes to Preeto and says she wants to talk to them about Shanno’s rights. Everyone looks on.