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Shakti 13th June 2018 Written Episode Update

Soumya Gets Injured While Saving Jeet


Shakti 13th June 2018 Written Episode Update, Shakti Written Update on

Shakti 13th June 2018 Episode Start With Harman asking Preeto to hear them. Preeto says I know that this is fake marriage and I acted downstairs so that everyone believes you. She thanks Jasleen. A FB is shown, Jasleen tells Harman that they have to act to marry fakely and wears garland by herself. She makes Harman wear it. She ties mangalsutra around her neck.

Harman feels bad that she is stuck in a bad situation with her. She asks him to think that they are acting on Tv show. Harman hugs her. Fb ends. Harman says what we will do now and tells that Jeet has changed the plan, he has my passport. Preeto says how he will take Raavi to Canada as she has no passport. Harman says passport can be made in 2 days. Jasleen says Raavi’s ID proof is needed and tells that we have to be careful as Jeet is smart.

Soumya tells Sameer’s mum that she will make toys later. She asks Sameer if Harman talked about her ever. Sameer lies and tells that Harman is happy with Jasleen. He doesn’t tell about you. There is no pic of yours in the house. Soumya goes inside. Sameer asks his mum to tell something and says if you don’t tell anything then how she will fall in love with me. Sameer’s mum says Harman doesn’t care for her and don’t know if he will return and if Soumya will see him again. Soumya hears her and thinks she will go and meet Harman once before he goes so that I can live my entire life with that memory. Balwinder and Kishan Lal come to Harak Singh’s house. Balwinder asks Raavi to come?

Jeet calls him ex-husband of Raavi. Balwinder says I don’t want to talk to you and says he wants to ask Raavi if she wants divorce from me. Jeet says Raavi needs divorce and that’s why signed on it. Balwinder tells Raavi that he loved her a lot and asks if she really want to divorce him. He cries and asks her to rethink. Jeet asks Kishan Lal to tell his son to sign and leave silently. Kishan Lal asks Harak Singh to see what he is saying. Jeet says you shall understand that Harak Singh is silent as there is nothing in his hands. Balwinder calls Chintu. Jeet says I have sent him out to play so that he doesn’t get affected by the ongoing things at home. He forces Balwinder to sign. Preeto takes Raavi’s ID cards etc and burns them. Balwinder signs on the papers and calls her betrayal and characterless. Jeet slaps him and says you just said that you love her, and now calling her characterless. He asks him to just lea

ve. Balwinder leaves from there and feels helpless. Raavi comes to the room and sees Preeto burning her ID cards. She asks can’t you see your daughter’s happiness. Preeto says she is seeing bahu’s happiness. Jeet comes there and says you have burnt your daughter’s documents for bahu. Preeto says yes. Jeet says your family is complicated and says Harman and Jasleen are married now, but you don’t worry about your current bahu. He says once we all leave, you can search Soumya. I will not stop you. He says I know that something will happen like this and that’s why I got her passport and all documents ready. Now we will soon leave.

Soumya thinks of Harman and recalls all moments with him. Sameer and his mum see her sad. Sameer’s mum tells him that their idea is working and says she is remembering Harman, but then also she is not crying. She says she will forget Harman. Sameer says once she forgets Harman and loves me. She will have just me in her life and tells that he will love her immensely.

Harman tells Jasleen that her brother is very clever and tells that he has already made Raavi’s passport. He says I will break his hands and legs and lock him in the room. Jasleen says if anything happens to him, then Papa will come here and asks what about Raavi di. Harman says I am helpless because of her. Preeto comes and tells them that whenever she went far from you, she returned back and asks them to keep trying and have a strong courage. She says we will get Soumya and gives them buttermilk to drink.

Balwinder gets angry and drinks in the hotel. He says you want to take my wife to Canada and says I will not let him take my wife out of Gurdaspur and says I will kill him. Kishan Lal asks have you gone mad? Balwinder says yes and gives him promise. Kishan Lal says let’s go and teach him a lesson. Soumya thinks she shall go and see Harman once. Raavi comes to Jeet and covers blanket on him. She hopes she will have a happy life with Jeet and Chintu accepts him too. She goes to her room. Balwinder and his goons come there. They kidnap Jeet and take him outside.

Balwinder says you have slapped me in front of everyone, you will die with my hands. Soumya comes and sees Balwinder taking Jeet and thinks if he is Harman ji. Raavi comes downstairs and is shocked to see Jeet missing. Soumya comes near and asks Balwinder to leave Harman ji. Kishan Lal asks Balwinder to shoot him. Soumya thinks Balwinder is shooting Harman and comes in front of Jeet and gets the bullet on her hand. Everyone is shocked. Balwinder, Kishan Lal, Jeet, and Raavi get shocked as Soumya faints and fall down.


Shakti 14th June 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Sameer comes wearing a helmet and takes Soumya on his bike. Harman comes out hearing Soumya’s name and asks Raavi. Raavi tells Harman that Soumya came here and suddenly someone came and took Soumya with him. Harman and Jasleen follow Sameer on the bike. Sameer tells Soumya that he will take her to hospital.

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Shakti — Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki is an Indian Hindi family drama television series, which premiered 30 May 2016 and is broadcast on Colors TV. The series is produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms Limited of Rashmi Sharma. The series is aired on weekdays. Vivian Dsena, Rubina Dilaik, Lakshya Handa, Roshni Sahota are playing the lead roles in the series. In Pakistan it airs on A-Plus TV


Reena Kapoor
Roshni Sahota
Rubina Dilaik
Sahil Mehta
Sudesh Berry
Tasheen Shah
Vivian Dsena
Amrita Prakash
Ayub Khan
Ekta Singh
Garima Jain
Kamya Punjabi
Kishori Shahane
Lakshya Handa

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min