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Shakti 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shakti 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Harak Singh checking the accounts and says 1.5 lakhs Rs deficit in the accounts. He asks Viren to give that money. Viren says he doesn’t have. Harak Singh asks him to give by tomorrow and asks everyone to go and sleep. Harak Singh says now Viren’s wife needs her share. Preeto says even I was thinking same, but some poisons are treated with medicine only. Harak Singh says if Soumya and Shanno get together. Preeto says this will not happen as I know Shanno well, she will not tolerate Soumya and asks him to keep eye on Viren and says he is like snake in sleeve.

Harman acts like Soumya infront of her. Soumya says did I do right, and says Chacha and Chachi will not have any problem. Harman asks her not to worry and says today he saw a different Soumya. Soumya says she is also feeling that she is changing and says I have never spoken to anyone like this. Harman says you did right and says I exist because of you. Soumya feels shy.

Varun asks Harman to come to factory. Harak Singh asks Viren to go to factory and work and also give 1.5 lakhs till evening. Viren says I don’t have money. Preeto asks him to sell his wife’s jewellery. Soumya tries to interfere. Preeto asks her not to interfere. Harak Singh asks him to and get the money, and thank them for not taking money for their stay and food.

Maninder receives the letter. Surbhi says this is her interview letter. Bebe asks do you want to work. Surbhi says yes. Maninder asks about her marriage plans. She says she will marry, but not now. Maninder gets upset and goes. Nani asks Surbhi to think and says they want her betterment.

Surbhi says she felt bad when Varun gave her divorce papers, but thought this was needed. Nani asks about marriage. Surbhi says she will marry later.

Saya tells everyone to make arrangements for puja as they bring a little girl to their kinnar home. Girl’s mum comes there and begs infront of them to give her daughter back. Saya sees her crying and recalls how Nimmi used to fought for Soumya. She tells woman that the girl is unfortunately a kinnar. Girl’s mum tells that she don’t care about the society and just wants her daughter back, can’t live without her. Saya asks can you give her good upbringing. Girl’s mum says she will bring her up and says if she fails then will bring her back to them. Kareena says we haven’t stolen her, but your husband gave her to us. Rani asks what you will do if your husband buries her alive. Girl’s mum is shocked and cries badly.

Saya takes girl from Kareena and gives to her mum. Girl’s mum kisses and hugs her daughter. Saya asks her to take her daughter and says if you couldn’t bring her up then bring her to us, our doors are always open for her. Shakti music plays….Saya asks her to take her daughter. Girl’s mum leaves. Kareena says if we return the babies back to people then our kinnar community will end. Saya asks them to keep hand on their heart and asks do you really want to make our community big. She says when her mum was eager to take her, then we shall support her. She says you have seen a mum and a girl, but I have seen Nimmi and Soumya in them. Everyone looks on. Kareena and Rani are upset. Saya says I remembers when I made Nimmi’s life difficult and tried to kidnap Soumya. She says she don’t want to repeat her mistake and will not let others repeat her mistake.

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