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Shakti 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shakti 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto asking Raavi to tell why she wants money. Raavi refuses to say and gets angry. Balwinder tells Preeto that they want money to take Chintu to shopping. Preeto asks Soumya to give money to them which is sufficient for shopping. Soumya nods. Raavi tells Preeto that she will lose her daughter. Shanno thinks she can’t trust Harak Singh and Preeto and hides her jewellery in vase. Harman sees Viren worried and asks what happened? Viren says he took 1.5 lakhs in accounts and tells that he doesn’t know how to repay. He says Harak Singh don’t understand that he is a family man. Harman says I will talk to him and says if he don’t agree then we will do something. Viren smiles.

Balwinder meets Kishan Lal in the market and tells him that Raavi will ask for equal share from Harak Singh soon. Kishan Lal waits for that day. Chintu waits for Balwinder and sees kinnars troubling a man asking for money. Man refuses to give them money. Chintu tells that that they are not kinnars as kinnars are sweet and talk politely. He says you are fake kinnars and says his mami is a good kinnar. Everyone is shocked and laugh on him. Kinnar from Saya’s house come there and understands that he is talking about Soumya and asks them to go. Balwinder comes back and goes with Chintu.

Harman comes to Soumya and tells that he told their love story to his employees and says if he can, then he will published in newspaper. Soumya asks him to go and let her make pulao. Harman tries to romance with her. She asks him to make pulao and is about to go. Harman makes noise. Soumya asks what happened? Harman says you looks good being angry.

Harak Singh asks Viren to give the money and says it is 6 pm now. Harman is about to take Viren’s side, but Preeto asks him to let Harak singh talk. Viren says I don’t have money. Preeto asks her to give Shanno’s jewellery. Raavi asks why she is doing this? Shanno says she don’t have any jewellery. Harak singh asks Varun to check in Viren’s room and get whatever he gets. Harman thinks he shall be silent and give money to Viren later whenever he gets money.

Varun checks and says there is no jewellery in the room. Shanno says I don’t have any jewellery so how you will get. Preeto says it will be found in the room and takes out jewellery from cradle, sofa and vase. Varun is surprised. Preeto asks him to check in the pillow covers too and come down. Preeto shows the jewellery to Shanno and says don’t tell that I have found this with magic. She asks her to accept Soumya and stop calling her kinnar. Chintu comes running to Soumya and tells her about the incident. He says he told that his mami is a kinnar, they laughed and asked how can a kinnar be your mami. She asks why did they say this and asks her to tell. Harman says I will tell you. Preeto asks where was your Papa when this thing happened? Chintu says he went to loo. Preeto thinks it is good nobody saw him with Balwinder, and tells Chintu that those kinnars’ luck was not good as that of Soumya and asks him not to tell others about Soumya else she will get bad eye.

Rani calls Soumya and tells her that Chameli is very much unwell and Saya is not here. Soumya says she will call Harman. She then thinks to take her to Dr. Savitri Devi hospital.


Shakti 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Happy Singh and his wife come to Harak Singh’s house, and insists to meet Soumya. Happy’s son identifies Soumya as maid worked at their house.