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Shakti 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shakti 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Shanno coming to Preeto’s room and says ration is finished. Harak Singh says we will get it. Preeto stops her and asks Shanno to make list and show to Soumya and asks Varun or Viren to buy them. Shanno gets irked and goes. Preeto tells Harak singh that she will divide and rule on Shanno and Soumya and make Shanno against her. Soumya sees Harman sleeping and thinks he might be tired to work all day. Harman gets up and says he is really tired. Soumya asks how did you hear? Harman says heart to heart connection. He asks her to come with him today and says they will go to Amritsar and romance. He asks her to get some money. Soumya says I can’t tell them that I need money for outing. Harman asks her to make tea. Shanno makes list and thinks she have to give list to Soumya now. Soumya says she can’t read English. Raavi asks her to do her work now. Preeto smiles. She scolds Shanno for making list in English. She says everyone know that Soumya doesn’t know English, and asks her to explain Soumya in hindi.

Shanno explains to Soumya. Soumya notes down in hindi. Preeto asks Soumya to see how much money is needed and give to her. Soumya gets a call and is informed that she has been selected for the job. Surbhi tells that she is selected and have to go now itself. Maninder comes and says you will not go, else I will burn myself alive. Surbhi asks him to stop threatening her and says she will go. Maninder says you have to go from my dead body and goes to kitchen. He sprays kerosene oil on his body. Bebe says she got smell of kerosene oil and goes to kitchen. She asks what is this madness. Maninder lights matchstick and puts himself on fire. He shouts with pain. Surbhi covers him with blanket and take him to hospital. Maninder suffers burn injuries. Doctor asks them to stay outside. Nani asks what you are doing? Surbhi says I am calling di. Nani asks her not to inform Soumya.

Glass breaks from Soumya’s hand. Soumya thinks it is inauspicious. Harman tells her that there is nothing like that. Bebe calls Varun and tells that Maninder tries to burn himself. Varun informs Preeto. Preeto gets happy and says this thing have come at right time. Preeto asks him to have food and says she is also going to have breakfast. Bebe cries and says I will die if anything happens to him. She scolds Nani for not valuing Maninder’s life. She blames Soumya and curses her. Nani says we shall pray for his recovery. Surbhi prays to God and says she is not wrong at her side. She blames herself for Maninder’s condition. She says I am very alone today. Varun comes and says you were never alone, and says nothing will happen to Maninder. Surbhi goes. Varun says I am mischievous and sure that Mata Rani will do good with me.

Harman finishes his breakfast and asks where is Varun? Preeto says don’t know where is he? Harman asks Soumya to drop him till door. Harman leaves the house. Preeto picks Varun’s call seeing him left. Varun asks her to inform Soumya. Preeto says your baba. Soumya is shocked.

Soumya comes to Nani and asks her to tell why Maninder have done this? Nani says Maninder got angry knowing about Surbhi’s new job and they have an argument. Preeto asks Surbhi not to break her relation with Maninder. She says if you are responsible for Soumya, then you have some responsibilities towards Maninder too. Varun says Surbhi is already tensed. Surbhi and Soumya cries. Soumya thinks why God is taking her test.


Shakti 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Raavi and Shanno plan to kill Soumya. Harman asks Soumya to go to terrace for good network. Raavi pushes Soumya and smiles. Shanno also smiles.