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Shakti 29th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Shakti 29th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Harak Singh telling Preeto that if time came to get scared of a kinnar. Preeto says why we shall take the blame for something which we didn’t do. Harak Singh says who is her new enemy. Preeto says I will find out and asks him to sleep. Soumya thinks to tell everything to Saya and thinks may be she can help me. Saya comes and asks her not to get worried and asks her not to lose strength and fight for her rights. Soumya is about to tell her, but Rani is keeping an eye on her and threatens to kill her family. She tells Saya that she gets strength from her. Saya asks Chameli to keep an eye on Soumya to protect her.

Chintu says he will not go temple. Raavi says Balwinder can’t go to temple as he got hurt. Harman comes and asks if he is really hurt. Preeto asks don’t do drama and them to come. Soumya comes home and sees Balwinder. Chintu says he got hurt last night. Soumya thinks from where to get the keys. She tries to open the door with the hair pin.

Room gets opened. Soumya sees teddy and her saree draped over it. She thinks why do you love me so much and says she can give her life for him.

She says I love you so much Harman ji and throws the teddy. She says even I love you so much and cries hugging teddy. Preeto comes there and scolds Soumya for loving Harman. Harak Singh asks her to wipe her tears and leave. Preeto shouts asking her to go. Soumya goes.

Varun tells Maninder that whatever you said was right, and tells that there was a planning and backup. Maninder says from where you will get money. Varun asks Maninder to give. Maninder gets tensed. Harman talks to his employee and asks him to give report. Bebe sees maninder tensed and goes. Varun says you said right that we shall start afresh.

Harman checks the plans/designs and thinks to ask Gurdas. He then thinks of Soumya’s words and thinks he has to work alone on her idea. Gurdas comes and shows the designs and tells that Soumya said and asks him to think. Harman thinks she is good for everyone, and bad for me. Soumya thinks she can’t let her family harmed and thinks about Preeto’s words. She calls Surbhi and goes.

Balwinder shouts in pain. Raavi says so much pain happens when bone is broken . Harak Singh understands and asks Raavi to bring warm water. He checks his leg and asks once Harman punished you for putting bad eye on Soumya and asks why did he try to kill her. Balwinder says who said that I tried to kill her. Harak Singh says it is written on your face and your wounds are showing all.

Preeto meets Rani and Kareena and tells that Saya threatened her. She asks them to keep an eye on her, gives money greed. Kareena says ok.


Shakti 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Soumya tells everything to Harman. Preeto asks someone to kill Maninder’s family. They are shot.


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