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Shakti 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shakti 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Saya telling Soumya that Harak Singh have hidden the goons in Dilawar Singh’s factory and says only kinnars can go there. She says Soumya can’t come there. Soumya says if Harman gets freed because of her identity then she will use her identity and will make it as her shakti/power to free him. Surbhi looks on. Inspector tells Harman that gulabo haven’t come today and instigates him. Harman tells him that he won’t be inside for long and says whenever I come out, I will bash you up. Inspector says I can lock you, but not your dreams, see whatever you want to see. Nani comes to meet Harman. Harman asks where is Soumya. Nani says Soumya went to find proofs. Harman says I used to worry about her, but now I am sure that she will fight on her own and will free me. Nani says your life is in danger, but also you are worried about her. She asks him to have roti.

Soumya gets dressed and make up her face as Kinnars. She recalls how Harman saved her. Shakti song plays…..She recalls Harman protecting her like a shield from his family and leaving his house, taking daring stunt job, shooting the goon etc. Soumya feels apologetic and thinks Harman bever liked her this avatar, but she has to do this. Saya, and Soumya are coming to the factory. Harak Singh scolds the goon (who is assumed to be killed by Harman) and slaps him. Goon says I thought to take some air. Harak Singh asks him to go else he will kill him. Soumya and Saya see the goon and say he is alive. Goon thinks he will never take Harak Singh’s work again. Harak Singh warns him and goes. Kinnars barged to the factory. Saya and Soumya get inside. The goons outside warn the goon who is locked inside. Saya and Soumya try to break the door. They get inside and see the goon. Goon points gun at them.

Soumya goes infront of him and thinks about Harman’s words that she has to identity her inner strength. He asks them to go out. Soumya steps towards him. He says this gun is real. Soumya asks him to shoot her and everyone, and says you will not be saved. He is about to shoot her, Saya throws something on his hand and catches him. Other goon calls Harak Singh and tells that Kinnars took the goons. Harak singh asks him to beat kinnars. He says he can’t and is running away. Preeto says she is feeling suffocated with this word. Harak Singh says Inspector can’t do anything now and they have caught that goon.

Kinnars takes goon to Police station along with Saya and Mallika. Harman identifies the goon and tells that this is the same goon whom I have killed. Inspector asks them to go and tell that there have no connection with the case. He asks Saya what is her relation with Harman and Soumya. Saya asks him to ask his mum and tells that she took nek from his mum also when he was born. Soumya tells that she is related to them and without their support, she couldn’t have found the goon. She asks Inspector to free Harman. He asks Constable to free him. Harman asks goon who is behind the conspiracy and gets angry. Inspector tries to control his anger.

Harman brings goons to Harak Singh’s house and calls him. Goon asks him to save him. Harman says nobody told me anything, even Soumya didn’t tell anything. He says I came here as I was doubtful. Harak Singh accepts to his crime. Everyone looks on shocked.


Shakti 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Harman asks them to leave him and tells that he will leave Gurdaspur with Soumya. Preeto gives him promise. Harman tells that he will not be bonded by any promise.