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Shakti 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shakti 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Harman telling Harak Singh and Preeto that neither Soumya nor anybody else told him anything. He says I came here after being freed from jail and says I know that you are behind the conspiracy. Harak Singh agrees to his doings. Harman asks Inspector to arrest the goons. Harman says I don’t stay in this house or have your food or clothing then why did you do this. He asks preeto why did they send him to jail on murder charges. He asks do you know what is the punishment for murder. He says which parents do this? Harak Singh says which son does this? He says I have never heard in Gurdaspur or in any city that a man fell in love with a kinnar and ruined his own family. Harman says you have burnt my happiness, troubled my wife and asks if parents do this.

He says I told many times to stop doing siyappa’s with Soumya and says I can’t keep her far from me and will not let anybody do this. He says it is enough now and asks them to stop conspiring against them. Harak Singh says I haven’t done anything new. Harman asks do you know what is the punishment for murder.

Harak Singh asks him to tell why is he punishing his parents and says if anyone does anything to you then I will kill everyone. Harman says I don’t believe on you people now. He says stop separating Soumya and me and says I will end the matter. He says I am leaving Gurdaspur with Soumya and if someone ask, then tell that son betrayed them or is dead. He says I agree that parents have first right on their child, but it has become death for him. Preeto says you will not go anywhere, I will make everything fine. Harman says it would be good if we stay far and remember each other. Preeto gives him promise. Harman asks her not to give him promise else it will break. Soumya tries to stop him, but he stops her and takes Soumya with him. Preeto asks Harman to stop and cries asking Harak Singh to stop him. Harak singh asks him to keep quiet if she loves him. Preeto says I want my son. Harak Singh asks him to calm down. Viren smiles. Preeto says I want my son back else I won’t let anyone live in this house peacefully.

Soumya and Harman come to their hut’s place. He is shocked to see the hut broken and asks her why didn’t you tell me. Soumya says you was in lock up then and was worried. She says we will make our dream house. He holds her hands and starts walking with her. He says we will leave Gurdaspur in the morning. Soumya says we shall go home. Surbhi calls them and asks them to come for having food. She says ok. Chameli talks to Saya and asks if Soumya did right to go there in kinnar’s attire. Saya says it was her decision and tells that she needs to realize where she shall use her identity as Soumya and where as Kinnar.

Surbhi serves food to Harman and Soumya along with others. Nani says we are happy as Harman is out. Bebe says we would be more happy if Harman would have been Surbhi’s husband too. Surbhi says I am taking divorce. Maninder asks Harman to make Surbhi understand. Harman tells that he is hearing same thing even here and refuses to have food.

Harak Singh thinks about Preeto’s accusations asking him to stop Harman. Soumya comes to room and closes the door. She says you shouldn’t have talked to Papa like this. Harman says our family don’t understand us. Soumya says Papa is worried about Surbhi. Harman says I am meeting you after 5 years and you are saying this. Soumya says 5 days. Harman says how unromantic, and asks if didn’t get scared to catch the goons. Soumya reminds his own words and asks if they need to leave the city. Harman says yes, and asks her to sleep. Soumya tells him good night and sleeps. He switches off lights and thinks I know what you have gone through to free me from jail.


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