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Shakti 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shakti 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto telling everyone that she has decided to accept Soumya as his wife, and says they don’t like her, but now they have accepted her. She says she wants to talk to Surbhi and says when she don’t want to stay with Harman, I accept her decision. From now onwards, I accept Soumya as Harman’s wife and our bahu. Maninder asks if this is truth or her new conspiracy. Preeto asks him not to use his mind and says this is truth. Maninder says my daughter is related to you. Preeto asks him to believe her. Harak Singh comes and greets him. Maninder leaves. Soumya calls Saya and tells her that Preeto have accepted her as her bahu. Saya says it is a good news and says Harman and your love have to win eventually. She asks her to stop calling her. Soumya asks what happened? Saya says if you have relation with us then Preeto will get irked. Soumya says but. Saya says whenever you need us, we will be there. Chameli tells Saya that this is Preeto’s conspiracy. Saya says may be she did this due to helplessness in her son’s love, and says it is Soumya’s and our victory. Harman sees Soumya sleeping and thinks this is Preeto’s trick, but I hope she accepts you soon.

Harak Singh tells Preeto that they have lost and bent down infront of her. Preeto says it was needed, and says if we hate her infront of Harman then he will go far from us. I did this to bring him closer to us, and we will think other things later.

In the morning, Preeto does aarti and asks Shanno to take Soumya to kitchen and make good. Shanno says but. Preeto asks her to be silent and says Soumya is bahu of this house and asks Shanno to make food along with her. Shanno is angry. Harka Singh asks about Harman. Soumya says he is in room. Raavi asks Balwinder, why didn’t you talk to Bau ji when he asked Harman. She asks him to take advantage of the situation and take Harman’s place in home.
Harak Singh goes to room and asks Harman to wake up. Harman calls Soumya and asks why her voice is like Harak Singh. Harak Singh says I am your father, and says today is something special.

Chameli tells Saya that their community wants to tell something. Kinnar tells that they are happy as Soumya got a normal life and asks Saya to keep one part of their earrings to bring Soumya’s child back. Raveena also comes and says she wants to give her earrings for Soumya’s baby. Saya gets emotional and says till now I am hurt being the fact that I am kinnar, but now I am proud.

Harman asks Harak Singh to say what he wants to say. Harak singh says he is giving all his factories to Harman with respect. Harman looks on.

Harak Singh tells that he will take retirement along with Viren. Viren asks what you are saying and says he will work and not retire. Harak Singh asks Viren to take care of his son. Varun says I will help Harman in the work. Harak Singh tells that they are young blood and says let them work. Harman says he will work until it is legal. Varun thinks to compromise with the records. Raavi asks Harak Singh to give some work to Balwinder. Harak Singh asks them to sit at home and enjoy.

Raavi says she don’t want him to be idle and says empty mind is a place for devils. Preeto gives responsibility to Balwinder to handle Raavi and their son. Shanno stops Viren and asks him not to give files. Viren says if I don’t give files then Harak Singh will get angry. He gives files to Varun. Harman says he will start work from tomorrow. Soumya asks him to start from today. Harman asks her to make him have curd and sugar like always. Soumya brings it and asks Preeto to feed him. Preeto asks if he will have it from my hand. Harman says rituals and relations haven’t changed, if you make me have it with love then why I will not eat. Preeto feeds him sugar and curd.


Shakti 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Harman tells Soumya that he is incomplete without her, like Golgappa without Pani. Soumya says that golgappa’s seller trust was right.