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Shani 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Shani 10th April 2017 video Watch Online HD on

Rahu makes a fist and attacks Shani.

Narayan announces that Asuras won. Mahadev points out that they will realise the extent of Rahu’s powers now. You realise the true idea of someone when one is given extreme power. We have to see what side of Rahu we will get to see!

All Gods stand chained in Indra Loka. Shani looks up only to find Shukracharya seated at Indrasan. Rahu says we won Shukracharya. All Gods are our captive now. Why don’t we do which will make tired Asuras happy? Why don’t we inflict pain on these Gods? Shukracharya tells him against it. We will instead kill them. Rahu is taken aback. How will it benefit us? Shani understands Rahu has some other plan as he doesn’t want to kill Gods. I must find out. He supports Shukracharya in his decision whereas Rahu negates it. I dint catch Gods to kill them. Shukracharya asks about the motive. You only suggested defeating Gods so Asuras can become powerful. This is what you wanted, right? Shani adds that no one knows what Rahu wants. You have been cheated by giving this temptation. Rahu wanted something else. Why are you quiet Rahu? Tell truth to Shukracharya! Tell him why you have held Gods captive? Rahu ends up telling that he wanted to become Gods. It wasn’t possible till Gods were there. Shani points out that it was his plan. I accept it but I still feel this is just the beginning. Your motive is much deeper than that.

Rahu appreciates Shani for knowing him well. There is indeed something special about you which other Gods lack. It is just you who could understand me. Shukracharya demands to know what’s happening. Will you just keep talking in riddles? Rahu says I will tell now that you are asking. Yes, I wanted to become a God but I later realised it wont also do any good. One curse and you will lose everything. Then I realised I wanted to become God to be powerful so I am not scared of anyone anymore. My fear is death. I will have to become immortal to be free of my fear. Shukracharya points out that keeping Gods alive for that wont help. Rahu asks for Amrit in return of keeping Gods alive. I want to become immortal! Shukracharya calls him mad. You have lost it. No one can become immortal. Rahu gives example of Tridev. They are powerful because of that reason only. I also want to become an immortal like them. He turns to Shani. If you want your life to be spared then you will have to do something for me. You don’t fear death. I will amend my words. If you don’t want me to kill all Gods including your father, then go to Tridev. Bring Amrit for me. Remember that you don’t have much time. You must be back by sunset. He frees Shani from his chains. Shani refuses to go. You don’t deserve Amrit. Shukracharya counters him. Rahu deserves Amrit and so do all other Asuras. Shani stays put. Rahu tells him to come to reality. You aren’t Karamfaldata anymore but a servant. It is the duty of a servant to follow the orders of his master. Hurry up. Time is passing. Go to Tridev. I will take Gods to that cliff from where anyone who jumps falls directly in the sea. If you don’t return in time then they will be thrown in the sea one by one. Why do you want to see the water turning red? Go Shani. Shani is a shocked to realise the meaning of his words.

Narayan says it will give birth to instability. If they find out then it will be a problem. They will misuse it. Shani suggests him fighting with Asuras. You kept them alive to maintain balance in the world. Now their existence has become a problem for everyone. No one will be at peace if they get hold of Amrit. We must stop them. Narayan says it wont be easy to get Amrit. Are you ready for whatever problems will come in the way? Shani agrees. Narayan guides him as to where he will find Amrit.

As promised, Rahu is the cliff. Chandra Dev calls him mad. You trusted Shani and have caught your own friend! Remember that you will never be able to become a God as a devil lies in your heart only. If by cheating us, you think you have become a God then it is your biggest mistake! You are still neither a complete Dev nor a complete Asura. You were, are and will always be incomplete. Free me or be ready for the consequences. Rahu agrees to free him. He holds his neck and drags him towards the cliff. Sun is about to set. It is time to end the game. I am your friend. I cannot see you living a life devoid of powers. I will free you from such a miserable life. He lets go of Chandra Dev who holds his hand fearing the animals in the sea. Gods tell Rahu against it but in vain. Rahu pushes Chandra Dev in the waters. Indra Dev looks shocked. Rahu tells them not to tell Shani that he broke the rule. It was Chandra’s fault. He could have lived if he had been quiet. Shani calls out his name just then. Rahu asks for Amrit. Why dint you bring it? Shani shares that Amrit is here only. It is very near you. Rahu warns him not to play any games. You know what I can do? Shani nods. I know what extent you can go to but you don’t know Amrit is right where you threw Chandra Dev!

Rahu asks Shani again and inflicts pain on Indra Dev this time. Shani says I don’t lie. You know it well. Amrit Kalash is in the bottom of the sea. Rahu decides to dry the sea and get Amrit. Shani advises him to do Sagar Manthan to get Amrit. Are you ready?


Shani 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update precap : Rahu finds Amrit and shouts victoriously. I got Amrit and the power which you Gods will not be able to face ever! He drinks something from the kalash.

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