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Shani 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Negative situations come in everyone’s life. Shani teaches that one must not get scared of such situations and face them bravely. ||

Rahu tells his mother he came here to ask for his help. You made me helpless in turn. You sent Ketu to give message to Shani and I am still wondering what I have to do. She tells him to go to Pataal and bring 3 people with him. He asks her why they are needed. She replies that if he could understand this then he would not have needed her at all. Bring Vali-Sumali and another Asura here. Take your time. Don’t come before sunset. Shani wont be able to do anything anyways.

Ketu tells Shani to hurry up. The sun is about to set. You don’t have much time. Shani decides to divert Ketu’s focus as he has his eyes pinned on him only. Kakol decides to find out what Shani is up to. He is acting weird since he left stealthily from the palace. Shani decides to break Ketu’s focus. He makes Kakol stumble in his step. Ketu falls down. Kakol senses someone’s presence and demands to know who is there. He does not get any reply. In the meantime, Shani tells something to yami (in mute). Shani apologizes to Kakol. You tripped because of me. Kakol says you are acting weird since Mata Chhaya left. Tell me what the problem is. Maybe I can help. Shani replies that he already did what he could. I will set everything now. Ketu says seems like you have no solution. Don’t do something because of which your mother will be punished. Shani assures him he will only do what his mother Simhika wants him to do. Whatever will happen here, will happen before your eyes!

Chhaya laments that it is sunset time. Why are you testing me and my son Mahadev? He has faced every situation everytime. He breaks apart when it is regarding his mother. This time he is being forced to kidnap Hanuman’s mother. Do something to stop this Mahadev.

Narayan says fate plays weird games. It is testing your 2 devotees Chhaya and Shani yet again. Mahadev says this time it is different. It has put my 2 devotees against each other. On one side, it is Mali-Sumali. On the other side, it is Shani.

Simhika welcomes Mali-Sumali in her shadow palace. She reminds Rahu that he was supposed to bring Makarasur too. Rahu calls him stubborn. He will come when he will feel like. Mali-Sumali are surprised to see her out of her sadhna. She nods. You are called here to get the result of my sadhna. They ask her what’s in her mind. She says you both were my husband’s friends. You helped him back then too. I need your help for the betterment of Asuras. I am going to get new responsibilities real soon. You will have to help me in that.

Chhaya realises she is free and tries going out.

Mali asks her why Acharya Shukracharya isn’t present here. She replies that right now she needs a leader; someone who can handle Indra Loka as my representative.

Indra Dev comes to meet Surya Dev. I heard that Devi Sanghya turned into a statue because she lacks water element. I got a special medicine for her which will refill that element in her. Surya Dev offers it to Devi Sanghya but in vain. Ketu whispers to Shani that they are acting foolish. Don’t waste your time now. Sanghya wont come in her real form again. You have only one option left. Kidnap Anjani Devi.

Simhika says I will guide you. You will have to just support me. Asuras will rule all Loka’s real soon. Tell me if you accept my proposal or not. They nod. Chhaya watches them from a distance and realises who they are. They promised to help Shani. They will surely try to free me if they will find out that they have kidnapped Shani’s mother. I must ask them to help. Simhika notices her and shushes her speech. She makes her stand behind a pillar. She turns to Mali-Sumali. Answer me. I don’t have time. They share that there are some Gods who they respect – Mahadev and Karamfaldata Shani. Simhika lies to them that Mahadev has himself decided not to intervene while Shani himself is helping me in this. They look at her in disbelief. Simhika swears upon Brahma Dev’s name. They agree hearing Shani’s name.

Ketu notices Shani going somewhere. Shani had to finally bend down before us. It is good that mother sent me here. It is so peaceful to see him thus. Hanuman comes there. Shani warns him to protect mother at any cost. Anything may happen but you have to protect mother. Ketu is taken aback. Shani invokes his weapon. Ketu says you think I am a fool. Mother sent me here so you don’t act smart. He magically makes everyone capable of hearing his voice. He warns everyone that Shani has come to take revenge from Devi Sanghya. He wants to kill her by breaking her statue. Surya Dev tells him against it. Shani makes an invisible tie around everyone except Yami, Hanuman and his mother. Hanuman stands in Shani’s way. Shani tells him to understand the reason behind his act. I told you to protect only Mata Anjana. We don’t have much time. I will have to do this before sunset. Trust me Hanuman. I know why I am doing this. Please step aside. Hanuman finally moves aside.

Shani uses his power on Sanghya’s statue and it breaks. Everyone is released from Shani’s tie immediately. Shani turns to Yami who nods back. She uses her powers and turns into water. She joins Sanghya’s broken statue yet again because of which Sanghya comes back to life. Everyone smiles in relief. Surya Dev holds her as she passes out.

Simhika is unable to control Chhaya. Chhaya decides to call out to Mali-Sumali for help but Simhika and Rahu come there just then. Rahu ties her. Simhika says Shani challenged me by ruining my plan. See what I do next!


Shani 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Simhika says you first fought with Mahadev for your mother’s life. Now you have to face Narayan. If you want Chhaya safe then you must bring Narayan’s Sudharshan Chakra to me.

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