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Shani 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Shani 10th March 2017 video watch Online HD on

Shani looks at his mother’s bangles and caresses them. I am missing you a lot today. He keeps it close to his cheek. A tear rolls down his cheeks. Yami comes there. Shani wipes his tears and keeps the bangles back. You dint leave with your mother? She denies. I need answers to a few questions. Shani tells her to go ahead. She says I felt hatred for you when I found out about you the first time. Both father and brother were against you but slowly I felt my thoughts were not right. I felt you are true. Now I have to know if you are really nice or if your existence in itself is painful. If you are not bad then why did you cast your Vakra-Drishti on father? Shani replies that he is doing his karma. I have to keep an eye on everyone. They say, people choose their path but those who need to bring world on the path are chosen by the path itself. Mahadev has chosen me. Do you think he can be wrong? He was the first one who had to be under my Drishti. First it was him and second time; it was the one from whom I took birth. I had to do this. The Drishti which was on Mahadev previously cannot be wrong. I am Karamfaldata. My Drishti decides the karma’s of people – good for good and bad for bad. If you have a pure heart then my Drishti wont harm you. She requests him to cast his Vakra-Drishti on her. Shani is taken aback. Yami says you just said with pure heart nothing can go wrong. Clear my confusion. Cast your Drishti on me. Shani accepts her request. She asks him if he did that or not. I dint feel anything. Shani says you are a pure soul. My Drishti will only cast a good impact on you. If anything goes wrong with you then I promise you I will be there to support / protect you. Yami smiles.

Chandra Dev offers liquor (Somras) to Surya Dev. Rahu says this helps you in forgetting every problem and will help you in opening your mind. Have it. Surya Dev keeps the glass down. Chandra Dev is unhappy and tensed. He leans forward. We come to your problem now. If I solve the problem named Shani then will I be blamed in the end? I am an outsider after all. Surya Dev tells him to leave it on him. I will see what I have to do now. Rahu and Chandra Dev smirk.

Yami, Yam, Dev Vishwakarma and Devi Sanghya return to Surya Loka with Shani. Rahu steps forward. He smiles seeing Shani and calls him his friend. I welcome you friend. Surya Dev tells Yami he was waiting for her only. I knew you would come. I am sure you will always be ready to please me. Anyone can leave anyone but a daughter cannot leave her father. She nods in confusion. Surya Dev says I felt yesterday that my own family felt a challenge to my own decision as Chandra Dev wasn’t a part of my family. Yami also had the same doubt on my decision. I will prove it today that no one should consider Chandra Dev an outsider anymore. I have decided that Chandra Dev will become a part of our family. I announce that at the right age I will make Yami marry Chandra Dev. Everyone is shocked whereas Rahu and Chandra Dev are pleased. Shani and yami look at each other. Chandra Dev thanks Surya Dev with folded hands. Surya Dev asks everyone if they have any objection with his decision. He asks Yami to step forward to seek his blessing. She is hesitant and stands her ground. She looks at Shani. Surya Dev again asks her to step forward. Yami keeps looking at Shani. Surya Dev angrily tells her to follow his order. Step forward! She reluctantly begins to walk towards him. She remembers Shani’s promise to her a while ago. Shani opposes Surya Dev’s decision. Yami heaves a sigh of relief. Shani tells Surya Dev he cannot fix this alliance. Surya Dev asks him why he cannot do so. I am Yami’s father. No one can stop me from deciding her future. Shani agrees. Father gives birth and raises his kids but he can also make mistakes. Do you want Yami to pay the price for your mistakes? Should a daughter consider her father guilty / culprit her entire life? He stands next to Yami. As her brother, it is my duty to see that her wish has been respected while choosing her future. This isn’t just mine but your duty as well. Yam mocks him for talking about duties. You dint do the duty of a brother or a God. You cast Vakra-Drishti on your father and went against Devraj’s decision and insulted him! I am here if Yami needs her brother. You are not needed here. Shani asks him why Dharmaraj was quiet till then. Is your duty only to teach dharma to kids and not parents? Yam is about to retort when Shani tells him to do his dharma. I will do mine. He again stands next to yami. It should only be yami’s decision as to who she wants to marry.

Chandra Dev apologizes for intervening. Please allow me to say something Surya Dev. Surya Dev nods. Chandra Dev says I don’t understand what this argument is related to. Yami is a girl, a woman after all! From where does the question of her wish come then? Men make all the important decisions in the entire world. Men lead while women follow! This is the destiny. he looks at Surya Dev. Men as fathers are equal to Gods. Their decision shouldn’t be questioned. A father raises a family. kid carries the name forward. If family is the body then man is the mind of that body. It is the duty of a daughter to abide to what her father says. If Surya Dev has made a decision then Yami has no right to object. I hope I cleared your confusion Karamfaldata! Shani replies that he indeed cleared his confusion. You cleared all the confusions in my mind. I doubted you couldn’t respect women. You just proved it. Chandra Dev looks at him angrily.


Shani 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Shani tells Surya Dev he invoked his Vakra Drishti by walking on the wrong path. Surya Dev asks him to prove him wrong then. Shani accepts the challenge.

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