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Shani 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Epi begins with Raja Harishchandra saying that dharma tells me to follow my Master’s order. If I do so then it will be false. I am bound to walk on the right path (of truth). Shani and Maharishi are pleased with his answer. Mahadev also has a smile on his face. Narayan is impressed with Harishchandra for setting an example before them. Mahadev nods. we must not forget it was Shani who made it possible. He made us realise that relation is with body only. Entire world will be indebted to him for forever.

Raja Harishchandra repeats his Master’s order. In order to do the last rites, you will have to pay the fees Taramati. She says parents are there but it is embarrassing when their kid has to be devoid of them. To save my son’s body from embarrassment, a mother wont step back even if it means losing her dignity. A woman’s life is not just her own. She gives half of it to her husband and other half to her kid(s). I give up my kid’s part today for his sake. I give you half of my clothes to you today as fees. Raja Harishchandra looks down. She asks him if this is enough. He nods. Rani Taramati is about to tear her saree when Maharishi tells her to stop. Raja Harishchandra lowers his eyes.

Raja Harishchandra is sitting by the ghaat when Shani pats at his shoulder. Raja Harishchandra asks him what more he wants. You snatched everything from me! You snatched the one who I tried to save from everyone. You made me embarrass my wife. You only bring problems with you! Leave me now! Shani replies that he dint bring problems but has come to tell him his problems are over. Your period of trouble is now over. I came to tell you that you have paid the debt of Maharishi. You promised not to sway from the path of truth. You stuck to your path even though so many obstacles came in your way. The struggle is over now. Raja Harishchandra is not interested in hearing anything further. I lost my son because of you. My wife was about to lose her dignity. I will never forgive you. If I have been honest and loyal to the choice I made then hope this also comes true – no one should love you ever! Everyone should be scared of you. World will be always scared of your ways of bringing people on the right path. You will never find love! Shani is stunned by his words. Rahu watches them from behind a tree. My reason of coming on earth is accomplished now.

Raja Harishchandra tells Shani to leave now. Shani says you are honest so your words will come true. I only came to tell you those were just tests and not real pain. Your son has been blessed with life yet again. Raja Harishchandra looks at the cart and notices Rohitashava getting up and hugging his mother. Raja Harishchandra runs to hug him. Sun rises in the sky at the same time. Shani smiles seeing them together.

Maharishi tells Raja Harishchandra he succeeded in his test which is why whatever he had earlier belongs to him now as well. You have made Suryavanshi’s all the more proud. I am really happy. He returns them their royal attire. You gave me Dakshina by sticking to the right path. You succeeded in this only because of Shani’s help. World will not forget your name for many yugas. They all fold their hands as gratitude. Raja Harishchandra accepts his mistake. He apologizes to Shani. I take my words back. Shani tells him against it. Truth will be lost if you do so which will make me fail. I accept my punishment. World can be scared of me but they will respect you and refer to you as “Satyavadi Harishchandra”. Maharishi adds that an honest man will be never afraid of you (Shani). He will always respect you and follow the path that you follow. Shani does not mind what people think of him. I am devoid of everything. My karma, Mahadev’s duty is important for me. Someone can hate or detest me but I will never sway from my path or my duty.

Mahadev says Shani has chosen his path. World will remember him like this only till the end!

Devraj tells Devguru they all agree Shani does not listen to the committee before him. Such person is neither needed in the committee nor in Dev Loka. Swear on the pious water that you wont change your mind. Surya Dev says Shani may be bitter but the outcome was good. Harishchandra has only gained things after what happened. I feel he deserves another chance. Sanghya seconds him (just acting). We should give him another chance to prove himself. She thinks give him as many chances as you want but he still wont change his path. They hear the door opening right then and notice Shani coming. Devraj asks him what happened. Are you surprised to see me here? Shani replies that fragrance and foul odour can be anywhere. What’s the surprise here? Devraj warns him not to compare him to foul odour. Shani points out that he spoke of fragrance also. It was your selection. Surya Dev shares that Devraj came to speak about what happened with Harishchandra. Shani says I only did my dharma. What’s to discuss? Surya Dev speaks of the problems that surfaced. Though the end was good. Sanghya says your motive was right but Gods feel your path was not right which is why you should apologize. Shani accepts but keeps a condition. I will apologize to the one whose motive has been good always. He asks Devraj if he should apologize to him. Devraj is speechless. Shani asks Surya Dev, Sanghya the same question. You apologize to the honest person. No one present here is honest. I wont apologize!

Surya Dev gets upset. Maybe Devraj was right. Shani does not deserve forgiveness. Devraj takes the chance to make Surya Dev promise. Shani takes the pot from him before he can say anything further. Of dismissing Shani from Dev Loka, right? He pours the water on the floor. You told me the same thing in Mrityu Loka. I vowed not to leave my karma for any reason. I am ready to leave Dev Loka. You don’t need to waste time by doing all this for that. Sanghya is happy that he got the fruits of his deeds. Shani says I don’t know about that but I know you will get your karamfal real soon. Your cup is almost full. Be ready to face the consequences. Devi Sanghya angrily says I only made one mistake – to create that sinful shadow of mine (Chhaya)! This sin (Shani) wouldn’t have been standing here before me if I hadn’t done that sin. Shani announces that she committed the last sin by calling his mother a sin. Now I will cast my Vakra Drishti on you first thing tomorrow morning! You will get the punishment you deserve!


Shani 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanghya wonders how to escape Shani’s Vakra Drishti. Chhaya is the solution. I found the solution in Sanghya’s Chhaya. Shani thinks Devi Sanghya can try as much as she wants but she wont be able to escape my Vakra Drishti.

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