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Shani 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Shani 10th November 2017 Episode start with || You cannot be honest just by choosing to walk on the path of honesty. It is easy to choose this path but very difficult to adhere to it. Shani teaches that if one accepts truth with all their heart then he surely wins. ||

Rahu says there is no point living a life where no one loves you. It will be best if you would surrender. Devraj thinks Shani is falling under Rahu’s influence slowly. Rahu and Mangal will very soon defeat him and become Lagnesh.

Yami is also sure Shani will lose if it goes on like this. Kakol assures her that Shani wins even when he loses. He also gives a moral in the end.

Shani is again diverted by that lady’s shadow. Mangal uses this opportunity to attack him.

Yami and Chhaya panic seeing him in pain.

Mangal beats Shani badly while Rahu looks on. Mangal lifts a stone to hurl upon Shani. Shani falls down on another rock and is hurt. Mangal says you insulted me. You will have to pay for it with your life. You wouldn’t have won in this house even if there was a woman in your life! You would have still lost to me. Hope your last journey is blissful, Surya-putra Shani! He attacks Shani but is pushed back!

Mahadev says there is a woman in Shani’s life who he is unaware of. Narayan adds that she will become his biggest strength.

Shani glares at Rahu and Mangal. Rahu advises Mangal to flee from here. It is important to live to take revenge. Shani attacks Rahu who again tells Mangal it is no point staying her. It is like calling death upon yourself. It is smartness to escape for now so we can seek revenge later!

Yami calls it a disregard of the rules of war. They should have accepted their defeat before disappearing like this. She turns to Yam. Mangal and Rahu should have atleast accepted defeat before disappearing. This is very wrong on their part. They just flee from there! Devraj asks her who says they are fleeing from the war. Tridev dint say that no planet can change the house in between an ongoing fight. Dev Vishwakarma asks Chhaya if this is right. Chhaya thinks of Yam’s words. Dharmaraj Yam will take this decision as he has that right. If he takes a decision against Mangal and Rahu then I will accept it. Yam points out that it wasn’t mentioned anywhere that a planet will be out of the war if they change houses during the fight. They are still eligible to fight. But they will be out of the fight if they repeat their actions again!

Shani is back in Surya Loka. He heads to the 3rd house now (the house of Anuj / younger sibling). Dev Vishwakarma says he will have to fight with Ketu now.

Ketu welcomes Shani in the third house. What will you put at stake? You had a younger sister whom you killed yourself! Shani reasons that he too does not have anything to put at stake. Ketu disagrees. Rahu is a small part of me (head) so I can surely put him at stake here. Bhadra isn’t alive so you have nothing. Shani says she might not be alive but I will take her name and invoke her powers. Ketu and Shani engage in a fight. Ketu mocks Bhadra. If she was alive today then I would have won over her by now! Shani gets angry and they fight but Ketu immediately accepts defeat.

Mangal asks Rahu their next plan of action. Rahu is sure Shani will enter in this house after defeating Ketu.

Shani says think what I will do to Rahu now after what I just did to you. He supported Devi Sanghya when she was misguiding my sister!

Yam announces Shani the winner of third house. Shani and Ketu are back in Surya Loka. Ketu goes to stand with the other planets. Dev Vishwakarma announces that Shani has only 2 opponents now – Rahu and Mangal! Shani walks in the house of mother.

Rahu is eagerly waiting for Shani. Come soon Shani!

Shani enters that house and is back to his old house in Surya Van. The house, the swing bed and the black pebble is exactly shown as it was earlier. Chhaya gets emotional.

Rahu welcomes Shani. Shani says I hope you have come here to fight me and not to rest! Mangal begins to go towards him angrily but Rahu blocks his way. Rahu says we will surely have a fight here and I promise it will be memorable. Let’s put something at stake first. This is the house of mother. One must put their mother at stake here in order to win! Shani walks towards Rahu and extends his hand to take the vow to fulfil the condition. A storm ensues. Rahu looks around in panic. All 3 participants are brought back to Surya Loka.

Mangal is puzzled as to how they are here. Yam puts an end to the war and turns to Chhaya. Tell Shani not to put you at stake. Only then will we continue with this fight. Chhaya says it isn’t a big thing for the one who can put his father’s karmas and his Guru’s knowledge at stake! Dev Vishwakarma tells Shani if he puts his mother at stake and loses in this fight then Rahu will get a right to influence your mother for eternity. Rahu tells Mangal he isn’t needed her anymore. Leave and rest assured that I can manage Shani by myself. Stay away or you might also fall in this trap. Shani nods. I understand it well but I have no other option left. The risk is same in every house. I have to do this. Chhaya tells him to put her at stake. Maybe this will be the second best day of her life since his birth. Shani announces that he is ready to meet the condition. Let’s resume the fight.

Brahma Dev says it seems like Shani will be the winner in this fight too. Mahadev says it does not matter as the most important fight is yet to happen. It will happen in the 12th house (the house of moksha). If he succeeds in reaching till that house then he will have to defeat whosoever will be there. He will also have to face Shakti. She is the swamini (mistress) of life, death and karma. He will have to face Mahakali itself in that house!


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