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Shani 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Shani 11th April 2017 video watch online HD on

Shani advises him to do Sagar Manthan to get Amrit. Are you ready? Rahu wonders what new game Shani is playing. What is this Manthan? He asks for Amrit and not suggestions. Shani tells him it is the only way to gain it. You can choose your path yourself if you don’t trust me. Shukracharya steps forward. I trust Shani but I don’t understand what Manthan is. How did you find out that one can get Amrit that ways only? Shani shares that Tridev showed him this way. Shukracharya asks about Amrit. Shani replies that it is in Narayan’s conscience. My mother had once told me that entire world is Vishnu’s conscience but there is one particular place from where he runs the world. Amrit is right where Chandra Dev was pushed – in Ksheersagar! We will have to do Sagar Manthan to gain Amrit. Rahu tells him to stop lecturing. I will find Amrit from all depths. Just watch Karamfaldata how Rahu and other Asuras will become immortal. Afterwards, you wont have any control on either our karmas nor on their results. He asks Asuras to come with him. Let’s find Amrit. He jumps in the sea followed by other Asuras. Surya Dev points out to Shani that he dint do right by telling Rahu about Amrit. You ended all the possibilities of saving Gods now. Shani says I used to think it was Rahu only who dint pay heed to anyone in his ego. You are no less than him. Your ego also does not let you hear anyone else. Surya Dev tells him to explain. Rahu shouts victoriously before Shani can say anything in reply.

Rahu says I got Amrit and the power which you Gods will not be able to face ever! He drinks from the kalash but finds it to be only milk. He breaks the kalash angrily. I have been cheated! Now you will have to bear the consequence Shani! Entire world will be in dark now. He pushes Surya Dev towards the edge of the cliff. I have killed Chandra already. You have the last chance now SHani. Tell me where Amrit is or it will be Surya Dev’s turn this time. He is about to hit Surya Dev when Shani says it is a riddle to understand Narayan’s words. You thought you will reach his conscience just like that? To gain Amrit in life you have to do Manthan from where your life begins. Don’t be mad. You wont get Amrit even if you kill all Gods! Sagar Manthan is required to get Amrit. Rahu agrees to do it. Shani says it isn’t something that you alone can do. Not even all Asuras can do it on their own. You would need the help of Gods too. It isn’t an ordinary task. It would involve Tridev also. Everyone’s joint efforts together will help do Sagar Manthan in order to get Amrit. Rahu accepts the challenge. Gods are our servants now. They must help us. He walks up to Surya Dev. Your son saved your life. Surya Dev holds him by neck angrily. Shani advises everyone to calm down. This isn’t the time to fight but be together. Only then can we get Amrit. From now on till the time we get Amrit, we must not fight at all. He addresses Tridev. You are our creator, our destroyer. You guide those who have lost their path. We request you to show us a way.

Tridev appear there. Shani prays on behalf of both Gods and Asuras. Show us the path of Aatma-manthan. Gods and Asuras echo his words. Narayan asks them to tell why they should help them. Surya Dev reasons that Gods need your help. Shukracharya says the same thing. Narayan wants to know the reason. Shani explains that they have learnt the first step of Aatma-manthan. We have no existence without you. Without you, Sagar Manthan isn’t possible. Narayan agrees to help them. What help do you need? Shani asks the first question. With what will we do Sagar Manthan? We need to churn Amrit out of the sea but how? A robust mountain emerges from the sea (Vindhyachal Parvat). You can use it for churning purpose. Shukracharya thanks him. From where will we get the rope to do so? There is no such rope in entire world. Narayan asks Shani to answer. Shani points out that it will be Mahadev’s turn to help them. Mahadev shares that his neckpiece Nagraj Vasuki is capable of expanding in size and is extremely powerful. It will work as a rope. Nagraj Vasuki stretches himself on both the sides of Vindhyachal Parvat. Tridev disappear.

Rahu stares at Shani. Do whatever you have to. Last blow will be mine and so will be Amrit! He tells his Asura friends to join him. It is time to become immortal. Surya Dev tells him to stop. Tridev accepted to help because of our wish. Now we too will help. We will also have a right on the Amrit which will come out of sea. Rahu calls it impossible. We have everything. We are powerful enough. We don’t need weak Gods anymore. He orders his Asuras to defeat the Gods. We will start the process then. Asuras push Gods in a corner and get down to work. Shani looks on.


Shani 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Gods join Asuras in Sagar Manthan. Devi Sanghya demands that in exchange of her tapasya she only wants that Shani shouldn’t get even a drop of Amrit!