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Shani 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Chitrarath Spills Everything Before Devraj Indra!


Shani 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Shani 11th December 2017 Episode Start With Chitrarath notices Dhamini’s condition as she enters. Is everything alright? She walks up to him. I was attacked. Shani! He misunderstands that ti was Shani who attacked her but she explains that he saved her instead. He warns her never to trust that Shani. I was invited by Devraj Indra in Indra Loka for some special discussion. I should go as he is the head of Gandharvas. I feel as if even Dharmaraj Yam has started to like you since the day you took his side in the Sabha. It might be also possible that Indra Dev wants to meet me upon Surya Dev’s request.

She remembers her conversation with Devraj and requests her father not to go there. He does not wish to disrespect Indra Dev. I must go. Gandharvaraj wont get such an invitation again from Dev Loka. Rest assured. Only good things will happen in your life from now onwards. He leaves. Dhamini decides to talk to the only person who she feels can help him in this matter. I feel something is about to go wrong.

Shani says either come inside or leave. There is no point just standing outside the door. Dhamini enters. He advises her to come back after her mind calms down. It will be easier to say it then. She shares that Devraj has invited her father to Indra Loka. I believe there is some hidden motive behind Devraj’s invitation.

Devraj welcomes Chitrarath. Chitrarath thanks him for inviting him here. Devraj calls it just the beginning. Guests are welcomed differently in Devraj. He asks Apsaras to bring the best liquor for Chitrarath. Chitrarath hesitates but Devraj insists. He ends up nodding his head under Rahu’s influence. Devraj smirks.

Shani tells Dhamini not to worry about her father. He knows how to differentiate between right and wrong. He will be back soon. She says seems like you have lost it. I came to seek your help but you again did what I expected from you! You never stop from insulting me. He points out that truth is bitter. If you feel that whatever I say seems like an insult you then it will be better if you will maintain distance from me. Remember how your father tried insulting Devi Chhaya the day he stepped foot in Surya Loka? I did what a son would have done. Afterwards, you always created some or other situation because of which I was forced to talk bitterly to you. I never came to you on my own. She agrees. It’s entirely my fault that I came to talk to you, that I thought to become your friend seeing you in pain. It was my mistake that I got you in trouble because of the problem that came upon me. My biggest mistake is that. She stops mid sentence. I was wrong to think that you understand my feelings but I was so wrong! You have neither emotions nor life. I vow never to come back to seek your help ever again! She walks out of the room upset.

Chitrarath relates everything to Devraj under the influence of liquor. He shares the story of how Dhamini got her name. Rahu inches closer. Say what you wish to say about your daughter. Devraj adds that Dhamini is surely talented. She once told me that she wishes to marry a God. What do you think about it? Rahu whispers in Chitrarath’s ears. Say it! Chitrarath agrees that Dhamini indeed wants to marry a God. It is because I want it to happen that way. It wont be an ordinary God but Surya-putra Yam! Devraj is delighted to think he will get his revenge from Dhamini now. He suggests a solution to Chitrarath. Chitrarath drops his glass and kneels down before him. I will do anything to make my daughter marry Yam. Devraj addresses him as a soon to be relative of Surya Dev. Don’t disrespect me like this. Chitrarath stumbles in his step. I have made only one wish since Dhamini’s birth to Narayan – just to make my dream come true. What can be a bigger thing for a Gandharva than this? He passes out. Devraj says just think that it is my duty to fulfil your dream now. He thinks Shani succeeded in stopping Kupan. How will you

Shani says it was no point stopping him anyways as he would have still gone ahead to meet Devraj. Kakol nods. He hates you very much.

Devraj tells Chitrarath that Surya Dev too praises Dhamini very much. Chitrarath asks him if its true. Devraj nods. You know how different your and Surya Dev’s family is. As per traditions, it is the girl’s family who will take an initiative. Surya Dev too wants to take things forward but he is waiting for the girl’s family to take the first step. After this wedding, you will also be able to show that Shani his real place! There cannot be a better act than this to even your insult from Shani!

Kakol winces in pain. Shani gets concerned. Kakol says it will be fine but I was wondering how that Asura will be feeling. You only say that the wounds heal. It is the mental wounds that do not go away. Shani connects the incident with Dhamini’s words. If it isn’t a coincidence then what is it?

Devraj asks Chitrarath if he will ask Surya Dev about Yam and Dhamini’s wedding tomorrow. Chitrarath nods.

Shani takes leave from Kakol.

Dhamini is waiting anxiously for her father. Hope everything is alright.

Chitrarath talks of his dream in inebriated state. Dharmaraj Yam is really lucky to have my daughter on his side.

Dhamini is in a fix. How do I go to Indra Loka alone? Yami comes there just then. She notices her leaving somewhere all by herself. Dhamini shares that she is worried for her father. It is too late. He should have been back by now. yami is about to suggest taking help from Shani but Dhamini refuses to seek his help or even speak to him.

Devraj and Rahu see off Chitrarath.

Yami offers to stay with Dhamini till her father returns. Dhamini assures her she is fine. Take rest. Yami nods and leaves for her room.

Chitrarath falters in his steps. Chitrarath stumbles. Someone catches hold of him. Chitrarath looks up and notices Shani.

Dhamini paces in her room. Nothing will go wrong. Father will be home soon. She hears her father’s voice. He is telling someone to move out of his way. I can find my own path. Leave my hand. I wont bear a low guy like Shani touch my hand. She fears the worst and goes out shouting at Shani to stay away from her father. She stops in her tracks noticing Shani supporting her father. Chitrarath tells Shani to wait and watch how his daughter will marry Yam. The day isn’t far when Surya Dev will become my relative. I will then take revenge for every insult done by you to me! Shani looks at Dhamini and Chitrarath.


Shani 12th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: On one hand, Dhamini’s feelings towards Shani are increasing. On the other hand, Surya Dev insults Chitrarath. Shani takes responsibility of arranging Swayamvar for Dhamini. I will get her married in a bigger Kula than Surya lineage.

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