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Shani 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Shani 12th April 2017 Watch online Episode on

It is easier for truth to come out but one must look at it from farfetched perspective to understand it instead of doubting it. Shani teaches us that truth is the biggest strength of a person and doubt is the biggest weakness!

Devguru tells Shani it will be wrong if Asuras get hold of Amrit. Shani blames Surya Dev. Don’t you know how Rahu thinks? You shouldn’t have spoken about distributing Amrit so soon. Surya Dev accepts his mistake. You know Rahu though. How did you let him know about Amrit then? Shani advises him to wait. I don’t give anyone the results of their karma’s before time. You too will realise it soon.

Asuras holds Vasuki from both the sides but Mandhranchal Parvat sinks begins to fall back in the sea. Shukracharya and Rahu try holding it but in vain. Gods look on. Indra Dev remarks that Asuras are foolish to think they will be able to do Manthan without us. Surya Dev adds that half of the Asuras will die under the mountain. Rest wont be able to do anything. Shani reminds them that they need Amrit more than Asuras right now to gain their powers back. You don’t make enemies when your own life is in trouble. Right now, saving / helping Asuras will be equivalent to help ourselves. He too joins Rahu and Shukracharya. Other Asuras also help them. Soon, Surya Dev lends a helping hand as well followed by Indra Dev and other Gods. Shukracharya thanks Shani. Shani says sometimes words are not enough to thank. This Manthan isn’t possible without Gods. If you need their help then you will have to promise to share the Amrit with Gods. Rahu calls it impossible but Shukracharya tells him to be quiet. Don’t forget that I am leading Asuras. As the guru of Asuras, I promise Shani that Amrit will be given to Gods too. They succeed in putting Mandhranchal Parvat back in the place. Shani points out that they have fixed it for now but it will keep falling down. We would again need the help of Tridev’s to keep it stable.

Tridev appear there. Mahadev asks him as to why they called them. Shukracharya tells them of their problem. They request for their help. Narayan says we helped you once but noticed you becoming evil again once we do so. It is a crime to help people with such mentality. This time we cannot help you. Shani says this is also the Manthan of hearts. People learn from mistakes. First, we learnt to make decisions followed by praying. We have learnt the third lesson too – to help one another and work together. Right Rahu? Did you understand the meaning of team work? Rahu thinks let Manthan begin. I will do what I have thought of. He lies to Tridev that he has learnt a lesson. I wont repeat this mistake ever. Mahadev tells him to remember his words. It wont be forgiven next time. Rahu promises to allow Gods be a part of the Manthan. They too will get Amrit. Shani asks for Tridev’s to help them fix Mandhranchal Parvat. Mahadev calls it a pious moment which the world will witness. Narayan will take Kub-avatar to save the world. He will bear the weight of entire world.

Dev Vishwakarma points out at the next problem. Nagraj Vasuki’s poison is very dangerous and painful. It is very difficult to bear his breaths. Gods aren’t as strong after losing their powers. They wont be able to bear it even for a second. Indra Dev adds that it will be safe if they stay at the other side of Vasuki. We have to be at his tail’s side. Dev Vishwakarma tells Shani to explain the same to Asuras. Indra Dev insists upon him to do as he is God. Shani refuses to risk the lives of Asuras just to save Gods. Dev Vishwakarma denies. It wont happen. Asuras are strong. They will be able to bear it. You will have to talk to Rahu. Surya Dev taunts Shani. Why will he go against Asuras as he is Karamfaldata after all? Shani agrees. This is why I am not participating in Manthan. I don’t have any wish to get any Amrit or anything that will come out of the Manthan. I cannot put anyone’s life in risk just to protect someone else. Everyone will get what they deserve. You get the returns based on your karmas and thinking only!

Rahu tells Shukracharya there is nothing to worry. We will stand at the tail. Shukracharya seeks Shani’s decision. Rahu too asks him which side of Vasuki should Asuras stand on. Shani honestly tells them to stand by the tail as standing by Vasuki’s head can hurt them. Shukracharya makes him decision. Indra Dev and other Gods are irked to hear Shani’s suggestion. Shani tells them that he did his karma. But everyone gets only what they want, deserve or decide upon. Don’t worry Nana Shree.

Rahu stops Shani. He tells Asuras that Shani, who is a God, suggested them to stand at this side. Gods have always cheated us. Should we trust them? I think we should stand at the head. Gods smirk whereas Shukracharya is taken aback.

Dev Vishwakarma thinks Shani was right. You get the results of your thoughts.

Asuras choose to stand by Vasuki’s head. Shani has a calm smile on his face as they turn their backs to each other. Dev Vishwakarma thanks Shani for helping Gods. Shani says why thank me. I only told truth to Rahu. Taking right decision and telling truth is my karma. Doubting truth is the biggest weakness while trusting truth is biggest strength. Rahu will have to bear the outcome of his choice.

Gods and Asuras fold hands in reverence and blow conch. Tridev appear there. Manthan begins. Shani looks on from a distance.

Devi Sanghya stands before Shivlinga holding a diya in her hand. Shani is the one who has ruined my life. He broke my family and now he is taking Gods towards the downfall. She demands that in exchange of her tapasya she only wants that Shani shouldn’t get even a drop of Amrit!


Shani 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Poison comes out of Amrit Manthan. Both Asuras and Gods refuse to drink Amrit. Shani offers to drink Amrit but Mahadev stops him.

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