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Shani 12th December 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 12th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Everyone is afraid of challenges. One should not run from them though. Shani teaches that the path of our life is determined when we face any challenge with courage and confidence. ||

Shani 12th December 2017 Episode start with Chitrarath tells Shani to wait and watch how his daughter will marry Yam. The day isn’t far when Surya Dev will become my relative. I will then take revenge for every insult done by you to me! Shani nods. I understood everything. Dhamini offers to take her father to his room but Chitrarath is about to fall. Shani holds her hand while trying to support Chitrarath. He offers to take Chitrarath to his room telling him that he needs to rest. Chitrarath imagines Yam in him and cups his face lovingly shocking Dhamini.

I cannot tell you how happy you are going to make me tomorrow! You and Dhamini will complete each other by becoming life partners. Dhamini looks down sadly / embarrassed. Chitrarath blesses Shani calling him Surya-putra. Stay happy with my daughter forever. Dhamini tries to say something but he does not let her talk. I cannot explain my happiness in words. I bless you both for your wedding today. May it happen soon. Shani advises him to take rest now. Shani and Dhamini bring him to his room. Shani helps him lie down. Chitrarath says I will teach Shani a lesson for his arrogance. He hurt my dignity once in Sabha. Tomorrow Surya Dev will return us our dignity by accepting Dhamini as his DIL.

He passes out. Shani removes his sandals and puts his feet on the bed. Chitrarath keeps mumbling in his sleep. Dhamini begins to talk to Shani about what her father said when he says dignity matters in the lives of Gandharvas. My karmas mean respect and dignity for me. Don’t worry. After listening to what you father said, I feel his dream is going to come true very soon. You are going to become the DIL of Surya family. Congratulations! We will meet tomorrow in Surya Sabha. Good night would be DIL of Surya family! He goes. Dhamini is distracted by his father’s words. I have realised that Surya Dev has already accepted you as his DIL. Let’s complete the formality by talking to him about it. Your marriage will be fixed with Yam then.

Next morning, Dhamini is still thinking about her father’s words. Chitrarath greets her. Today’s sunrise has brought good luck for you. Get ready. Sabha will start anytime now.

Everyone is gathered in Surya Sabha. Dhamini and Chitrarath enter just then. Surya Dev shares that Yami and Mangal’s wedding rituals start from today onwards. Two, we accept the alliance of Dhamini and Yam. Chitrarath thanks him. Dhamini’s eyes widen in shock hearing Shani protest against it. She smiles. Shani adds that he loves Dhamini. She will only marry me. Dhamini realises it was her imagination. How do I tell father that his and my dream is completely different?

Everyone is gathered in Surya Sabha. Dhamini and Chitrarath enter. All eyes are pinned on them. Surya Dev begins to talk about Yami and Mangal’s wedding but Chitrarath politely interrupts him seeking his permission to talk. Dhamini notices Devraj smirking and connects the dots. I must stop father somehow. I feel something wrong. I have to talk to him somehow. She advises her father to not talk about it today. Chitrarath reasons that there is no point feeling shy. We will have to talk about it someday. She insists she is feeling something is about to go wrong. I suggest you talk to him in private if you have to.

Mangal wonders if Chitrarath changed his plan. Devraj is sure the effect of him and liquor cannot end so easily. Chitrarath will surely talk about Dhamini and Yam’s wedding to Surya Dev today!

Chitrarath tells his daughter nothing will go wrong. I have never felt more positive about anything else in life. Have faith. He turns to Surya Dev. He first prays to Narayan hoping his dream to see Dhamini as the DIL of Surya family comes true.

Narayan blesses him. She will become the DIL of Surya family but fate has connected her with Shani. Mahadev seconds him. Shani tried changing Chitrarath’s thought in the first meeting itself but Chitrarath overlooked Shani’s teaching. This is why destiny has chosen another way to teach him the same lesson. Shani will be the foundation for this too.

Surya Dev tells Chitrarath to say what he wishes to. Chitrarath thanks him and his entire family for giving him and his family so much respect that all Gandharva’s look at us proudly / with respect.

Devraj is sure they will see his pride and respect falling apart.

Chitrarath adds that we are all aware of what your family has recently gone through (looking pointedly at Shani) but the way you have raised your kids is commendable.

Shani whispers something in Kakol’s ears. Kakol goes out.

Chitrarath continues talking. Dhamini lost her mother when she was born. I raised her all by myself. I tried to give her love of both mother and father. I am worried till date as a father cannot sit calmly till his daughter marries. Surya Dev agrees. I am really happy to see Yami with a partner like Mangal. Chitrarath says it my dream too. I also want to see my daughter become the DIL of a Kula which is bright like yours. I prayed to Narayan for the same since forever. I prayed that he fixes my daughter’s alliance in Surya family! Everyone looks at each other perplexed.

Chitrarath says when Dhamini grew up I thought to marry her to Surya-putra Yam. Atmosphere becomes tensed. Chitrarath adds that when they were invited by Surya Loka, I thought that the dream is about to come true. Only an initiative needs to be taken. Devraj and Mangal smile at each other. Chitrarath folds his hands before Surya Dev. I am present here before you to do the same. I propose Dhamini’s marriage with Yam. There cannot be anything better for me than this. Please give permission for this alliance asap. Surya Dev looks miffed whereas Devi Chhaya looks tensed.

Mangal, Devraj and everyone else laughs at Chitrarath’s idea. They speak ill about Chitrarath and Dhamini. Gandharva women add beauty to the Sabha’s. They do not become part of a God’s family. Dhamini looks hurt. Epi ends on Shani’s face.


Shani 13th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Surya Dev asks Chitrarath how he even thought that Dhamini will be married in his family. You don’t need talent but Kula (lineage) for marriage. Shani takes responsibility of arranging Swayamvar for Dhamini. I will get her married in a bigger Kula than Surya Kula.

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