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Shani 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shani 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Parents always protect their kids at every step in the beginning. Shani teaches that a parent can protect his or her child only till the time the kid turns 12 years old ||

Shani says there is something which is hidden from me. I feel as if. Dev Vishwakarma requests him not to ask the questions to which he has no answer. Shani replies that he dint ask him any question. Years ago, I told my mother and now I tell you, I wont ask questions which you cannot answer. I trust you and your conscience. There will surely be a big reason behind you hiding something from me but if it liberates you in any way then I am here only. Dev Vishwakarma recalls Mahadev’s warning. Shani points out that being quiet does not mean yes always. Your silence tells me you don’t want to share it right now. He excuses himself.

Sanghya is in her father’s laboratory looking for the counter energy of Shani. She stumbles upon a secret passage and heads down the alley. She notices something glowing in a corner. So this is the counter energy!

Chhaya opens her eyes tensed. Diya blew off! Is this a bad omen? Shani points out that future is future be it good or bad. There is a reason behind everything that happens. Fears don’t change anything. Our good karmas can change the time for good and fill light in darkness. This time he lights the diya. Chhaya smiles. I understood Karamfaldata. I know you are very patient and intelligent but I have a mother’s heart. A mother always worries for her kid. He asks her who she is afraid of and why till the time he is with her.

Chhaya covers her eyes as she inches closer to the energy. She falls down screaming as she reaches too close.

On the other hand, Shani is about to feed his mother when he suddenly finds it difficult to breathe. Chhaya panics. She prays for his well being. Are you alright son? She feeds him water. He tells her not to worry. I am fine.

Sanghya gets up and laughs. My father kept you here as his captive! Don’t worry. I will get you out of here. She laughs evilly.

Shani is again having a hard time breathing. He calls it exertion but she doesn’t buy it. I felt something like this was going to happen anyways. You should see Dev Vishwakarma. He assures her he is fine. How can I not be till the time you are with me? Don’t talk about auspicious or inauspicious. She is concerned but he assures her he is fine. Let’s eat.

Devraj confirms with Sanghya if she is sure about it. She replies that she wouldn’t have been here if she wasn’t certain. I want some answers before that. Devguru asks her what questions she has. Don’t know why but I find this gathering bit weird and out of place. Sanghya greets him. You are not at fault if you feel that ways. It’s because of my bad karmas but I want to change my path now. I thought to seek guidance from the best Guru. Did I do anything wrong? He smiles. Come to the point. Go ahead and ask whatever you wish to. She lies that she did realise how wrong her path was after getting punishment from Shani. I should have protected him like a shield being his mother but I attacked him only! I want to become his shield in repentance so no one can harm him in future. Is there someone who can take him down? Devguru says world is made on balance. If Shani is a positive energy then an equally negative energy like him is also bound to exist. She asks him if that negative energy can attack Shani. How to control it? Devguru shares that it can be tamed for 12 years from the time it is born. If Shani announces to set it free then anyone can control it. It wont happen though as Shani wont do such foolish thing. She hides her smile. You are right. Thank you for guiding me. I found my way. Devguru says that is my duty. I hope I will see you back in Surya Loka once again. She nods. I will try to live up to your expectations. He goes.

Devraj asks Sanghya what she will do next. She advises to free that negative energy from her father’s clutches but I don’t know how to do so. Devraj decides to use his Vajra to gain hold on that energy.

Chhaya wishes Shani happy birthday. Past memories flash before her eyes and a tear rolls down her cheeks. He asks her what happened. She says nothing. I don’t know why I am recalling all the moments that we have spent together. He expresses a wish to spend every moment of his present together. I want to weave my future with you. She hopes any problem that is about to come his way should first meet the shield named Chhaya. He holds her hand. Not anymore. A mother’s love can guard a kid till a particular time only. Kid himself is responsible for whatever happens next. You have done a lot for me. Now it’s my turn. He seeks her blessings. She blesses him.

Sanghya brings Rahu and Devraj to her father’s laboratory but does not find that energy there. How can it be? Father shifted base!

Dev Vishwakarma protects the energy. You are safe for some more time atleast.

Rahu mocks Sanghya. Your father fooled you real nice! Devraj tells him to think what their next move should be. Sanghya says I think I know where father would have taken it. Think about it. Where would you have hidden it if you were my father? You would have hidden it in the palace which I left behind. I would obviously think many times before thinking of going there. Devraj guesses it right – Surya Loka!

Everyone cheers for Shani as he enters in Sabha.

Sanghya says we will have to gain control over that counter energy if we have to find a solution for SHani. We must go to Surya Loka!


Shani 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shani was created to give Karamfal to everyone but a negative energy was also created. Sanghya attacks Shani using his counter energy. Shani falls down on the floor unconscious.