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Shani 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Shani looks at his mother stunned. Sanghya asks him why he stopped. What happened Karamfaldata? You were lecturing me so much. Cast your Drishti on me now! Flashback shows she succeeding in finding the potion and producing Chhaya yet again. You must be thinking why I brought Chhaya before you. It is said that mother is the biggest strength of a kid but my experience says a person’s biggest strength is his weakness also. Remember that your mother is her Chhaya first. She will go through the same amount of pain that I will. She is your mother! Cast your Vakra Drishti on your mother Karamfaldata Shani if you dare to! Cast your Drishti on Sanghya Karamfaldata! The one who wanted to bring me on the right path forgot his own path? She laughs seeing Shani in a dilemma. Chhaya and Shani’s eyes brim with tears as they look at each other.

Kakol, Devraj, Dev Vishwakarma and Yam join them. Sanghya asks Shani where his Drishti went. Where did your vow to stay away from relations disappear now? Shani and Chhaya reminisce old times. Shani seeks his mother’s blessings. They share an emotional hug / reunion. Shani says you came back mother. I don’t need anything else now. I don’t even wish to know why you left me. She says I too don’t want to waste time in question answer. I got this time to spend with you. He asks her why she dint hug him before leaving. She replies that a mother only wants to see her kid strong. I dint want anyone to misuse the love we share. Sanghya says profit is profit. There cannot be any misuse. You are forgetting you are my Chhaya. I created you years ago so you could help me. I did the same today for my own sake. Do you know why I gave you a chance to reunite with your son? I did it so you can stop this Shani from punishing me! I am really scared of your son. He wants to cast his Drishti on me. Why did you stop then? Go ahead. I am ready and standing right before you. I want to bear your Drishti but remember that your mother will bear the same amount of pain that I will! I am ready to bear any amount of pain to give you pain but are you ready to see your mother in pain? If yes, then go ahead and cast your Drishti on me!

Chhaya reminds Shani that he got this duty from Mahadev. You have to live by it. Cast your Drishti on me. Sanghya asks Shani if he is scared thinking of his mother’s pain. You love her too much. If you love your karma also then cast your Drishti Kaamfaldata. Shani is having difficulty casting his Drishti on Sanghya and Chhaya. Sanghya tells Chhaya she has no duty towards Surya Dev this time. You will only do what I will tell you to. You will follow my every order! Shani tells her to talk to his mother with respect. You cannot take her anywhere against her wish. Sanghya insists she can do that. She is my Chhaya before your mother. This time she neither has Mahadev’s boon nor her own identity. Cast your Drishti on me now or move out of my way. My family is waiting for me at home! Don’t forget that you are banished in Surya Loka and Dev Loka. She instructs Chhaya to follow her. Follow my order. Chhaya caresses her son’s cheek and helplessly follows Sanghya. Shani is shocked to see them leaving.

Chhaya tells Sanghya there is still time. Return on the right path or you will go through lots of pain. Shani wont leave you. Sanghya says you have started talking like Shani now. You are my Chhaya. Don’t even dare cross your boundary this time or you don’t know what extent I can go to. Follow me and do as I say!

Devraj calls out to Sanghya. Remember you are free from Karamfal and not from the promise you made to me. Sanghya tells him to trust her. You will get what you want. Just wait for some time. Shani would not want to lose his mother after gaining him. That will be the time when we will get all that we want!

Dev Vishwakarma asks Shani what he is thinking. Shani hugs him. I am thinking if I should thank you for my mother’s creation once again or if I should blame you for giving a wrong person such power. Dev Vishwakarma replies that he got power from Mahadev. You are chosen for a very big responsibility as you are the one who will do justice even after going through the worst. The one who creates the path gets hurt by the first thorn. Don’t step back from your Karma at any cost! Kakol seconds Dev Vishwakarma. I remember that you went to Surya Loka for mother for first time. She is back now. There can be nothing more important than that. Shani agrees with him. No one can separate my mother from me, not even Devi Sanghya. Now I will destroy whosoever will come in my way!

Surya Dev thinks there must be some way through which we can stop Shani from casting his Drishti on Sanghya. Sanghya says there is a way out. He is surprised. You mean Shani dint cast his Drishti on you? She denies. I found a way out. He wont cast his evil Drishti on anyone now. Now he will bear pain instead. Surya Dev asks her about it. He is shocked to see Chhaya entering just then. Sanghya affirms. She is the reason of Shani’s existence. She will save us now. Our family has gone through a lot because of her and Shani. Now it is their turn. She will stay with us in Surya Loka now where Shani cannot enter. If he enters then he will have to accept my condition. Chhaya calls it her biggest mistake. Shani’s karma is above any relation for him. He knows how big and great his goal is. He will never sway from his path. Shani will never come here.

Shani enters just then and calls out to his mother shocking Chhaya.


Shani 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shani renounces his position of Karamfaldata. Mahadev says if Shani wont do his duty as Karamfaldata till tomorrow morning then he will neither lose that position but he will also be punished for indiscipline.

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