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Shani 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Our karmas are our identity. We get good and bad results in return of our good or bad karmas respectively. Shani teaches that your karmas can never be erased and come out before everyone sooner or later. ||

Surya Dev reminds Shani he is a God whereas she has no qualities of Gods. She doesn’t deserve a place in either Surya Loka or Dev Loka. Shani says how you become a God then. D o you become a good by your appearance, mind or conscience? Bhadra will stay here in Surya Loka only, right
Surya Loka calls it impossible but Shani says history repeats itself till one learns lesson from his past. Time repeats itself unless one learns a lesson from it. Renounce this girl just like you renounced me; curse her in a similar manner; force my mother to divide herself in day and night yet again!

I have no problem. My sister can also grow up at the same place where I grew up. You have borne the consequence of your choice earlier too. Surya Dev isn’t concerned where Bhadra will stay. She should just not come before me. Her shadow must not fall on me. Shani insists she will always stay under her brother’s scrutiny and shadow. Surya Dev leaves from there.

Mahadev says this responsibility wont be easy. Shani doesn’t know what dilemma his choice
I can see that the world which bends down before ihm to seek justice today will stand against him to demand for justice tomorrow!

Shani and Hanuman assure Bhadra they will always be on her side. Hanuman points at his tail. We share a similarity. She learns the word tail from them.

Devraj is unable to understand why he is always insulted in Surya Loka. First it was Shani and now Bhadra! One challenged my throne while the other melted my Vajra. Don’t know what they will do to me. Rahu says Bhadra is on no one’s side right now. Devraj says you don’t know what happened in Surya Sabha. Rahu smiles. I know everything. I also know how we can get rid of Shani using this opportunity.

Shani, Kakol, Hanuman and Bhadra are eager to see Mata Chhaya. Shani is certain he will be able to assure his mother about Bhadra when she will see her. Yam and Yami are on the door. Shani introduces Bhadra to them. Yam says we found out from servants but you (Shani) cannot go inside with her. Shani signals Bhadra not to get angry. Shani asks Yam if he will stop him from meeting his mother. Yami says she is our mother too. This time I am with Yam Bhaiya in his decision. Shani is taken aback.

Shukracharya says Shani took a wrong decision by being so attached to Bhadra. Dev Vishwakarma nods. This is not good for the world. Shukracharya requests them to explain it to Shani. Surya Dev says if he could understand me then we wouldn’t have been so distant today. Dev Vishwakarma is sure he wont say no to Chhaya. Ia m sure she would understand our fear and will be able to explain the same to Shani. Surya Dev reasons that she must recover first. Let’s see how she is doing.

Shani tells Yam Bhadra is their sister and mother’s daughter. You cannot stop her from going inside. Yam says I very well know what happened in Sabha. He mocks Bhadra. I cannot accept that she is Mata Chhaya’s daughter. How does she look like a Dev-putri? She is an Asura! Shani says she was your sister till yesterday as she was only newly born. She turned Asura for you today because of her tail and horns? Did you forget that relations are formed with blood and not appearances? Amazing! Your outlook dint change even after you became Dharmaraj. Remember how you mocked me years ago? You compared me to Asuras. I told you then also that one’s karmas decide if a person is good or evil. I was quiet back then because of my promise to mother but I wont spare anyone who will be mean to my sister because of her appearance! Yam blocks Shani’s path. It will be a war between a son and brother today. Kakol points out that Bhadra isn’t here. Shani sends Hanuman and Kakol in different directions to find her. Many of her enemies are around. All of them begin looking for Bhadra.

They hear Yami shouting Shani’s name. Shani realises that it came from Mata’s room. Everyone rushes to Chhaya’s room.

Surya Dev asks Yam what’s happening. Yam shares that Shani brought Bhadra to Mata’s room. They all head there.

Shani reaches the room and asks Yami what happened. Yami points at Bhadra. Shani and Hanuman advise her to stop. Bhadra stares angrily at Chhaya who is lying unconscious. Bhadra extends her hands towards Chhaya’s cheek (everyone mistook her to be aiming for Chhaya’s neck). Surya Dev enters followed by Yam. Shani and Bhadra are seated next to Shivlinga. Surya Dev asks Shani why Yami shouted. Yami says I got scared seeing Bhadra for the first time. Surya Dev turns to Shani. I told you she shouldn’t come before me. Shani says she came to meet her mother. You looked in her direction instead. Surya Dev accepts doing so. But make sure she must never come before me or I will banish her from Surya Loka.

Chhaya gains conscious. Everyone rushes to her side. Shani introduces Bhadra to Chhaya. Chhaya looks afraid of her. Bhadra ends up calling Chhata Mata. Chhaya is overwhelmed. Her fear disappears. She stands up to envelope her in a hug. Shani and Hanuman smile. Surya Dev seems upset though. Do you accept her as your daughter? Chhaya says she is your daughter too. Blood relations don’t break just by words. He tells her that her appearance and creation are meant for destruction. Chhaya replies that she is only doing the duty of a mother. We already have fought once over the same matter. Relation of a mother and kid is like that only. Mother and kid may look strange but they mean the world to each other. I will continue doing my duty towards Bhadra just like I did my duty towards Yam, Yami and Shani. Surya Dev says I wont stop you from doing your duty but I wont accept her as my daughter.


Shani 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  Mahadev says with passing time, Halahal inside Bhadra’s body will begin to show its effect. If Shani wont recognize Bhadra’s truth soon then the world will be doomed. Chhaya passes out in Ravi’s arms.

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