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Shani 13th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Shani Presents Proof Against Devraj Indra!


Shani 13th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

|| Our karmas define us. You remain in pain if they are negative or you get happiness when you do good karmas. Shani teaches that our karmas never disappear. They come out in open some day or the other. ||

Shani 13th December 2017 Episode start With

Chitrarath proposing Dhamini’s marriage with Yam. Surya Dev looks miffed whereas Devi Chhaya looks tensed. All the Gods laugh at him.

Narayan says if Chitrarath had listened to Shani then this situation would have never arisen. Mahadev agrees with him. The same Shani, who he always looked down upon till date, will change his thought process very soon.

Chitrarath is in disbelief. How can I be insulted in Surya Sabha? Surya Dev tells everyone to be quiet. He gets up angrily. Maybe you dint enjoy our hospitality. We crossed all our limits to take care of our guests but guests should know their limits too. Dhamini’s art form is certainly to be praised but maybe you misunderstood my appreciation. Surya Dev asks Chitrarath how he even thought that Dhamini will be married in his family. You don’t need art but Kula (lineage) for marriage. Chhaya asked you both to stay back here so the wedding happens smoothly but surprisingly, you are taking it in an altogether different direction. How could you think that this alliance can be even possible?

Chitrarath begins to speak about Devraj but he turns his back to him. This is what I was trying to tell you but you were only talking about your dream. He turns to Surya Dev. Chitrarath spoke of this yesterday. I tried telling him against this idea but he stayed put. Dhamini calls it a lie. Devraj invited my father. I am sure he only made this plan. Mangal seconds Devraj Indra. You weren’t there but I was present there. Chitrarath calls it a lie. It was only me and Devraj Indra. Mangal wasn’t there at all. Mangal says maybe you were too drunk. I was right there just like you are present here right now. Surya Dev asks Chitrarath to explain. Dhamini says is there no one here who would support truth. She looks at Shani who is already looking in her direction. She is stunned to see him walking out of the Sabha.

Shani is waiting for Kakol who comes just then. Kakol shares that he found out about that place. Shani smiles.

Devraj calls Dhamini cunning. I am well aware of you Gandharvas. You and your father came here with a set plan. Your father’s motive behind coming here was to fix your wedding with Yam from the beginning. This is why you insulted Shani in front of everyone just to please Yam! Dhamini thinks of her argument. Devraj adds that her silence is proving her a culprit here.

Shani looks at the cave. He advises Kakol to wait outside only. An Asura comes there.

Dhamini walks up to Devi Chhaya. You called me your daughter. I lost my mother in the childhood. I have learnt the meaning of a mother from you only. My father always wanted me to marry in Surya family but his intention is pure. An ordinary father saw an unordinary wish for his ordinary daughter. She wipes her tears. I swear on you. There is no plot behind this wedding proposal. Devi Chhaya speaks in her favour. It is not wrong for a father to wish the best for his daughter. Chitrarath’s proposal does not make him a culprit. Why are we insulting / mocking him then?

Devraj says this isn’t about the proposal. Their presence here is making Surya Loka look down. You don’t know that this Dhamini tried to seduce him. Dhamini calls it a lie. He himself tried to take advantage of me. He got his answer already. Now I am sure that he was behind the attack that happened on me. Devraj asks her what she is talking about. Is there a witness? Dhamini tells Surya Dev she was indeed attacked but she does not have any proof. That Asura ran away in fear. Yami supports her but Mangal asks her if she saw it herself. Yami denies. She told me. Mangal says the one who can lie once can lie again too. Dhamini insists she isn’t lying. My father is innocent. Indra Dev wanted to make me an Apsara which I refused. He planned to insult me afterwards. Please try to understand that he is doing it all to seek revenge from me. Devraj says you are blaming me to prove yourself innocent. She calls his action unjust but he refuses to listen to her anymore. Gandharvas are under my control so I request you to let me take a decision on this matter. It can otherwise instigate other Gandharvas against me. It will be a question on me.

Devi Chhaya suggests giving Dhamini and her father a chance to prove their innocence. Surya Dev gives them a chance. Prove that Indra Dev tried to malign your and your father’s dignity. If you fail in doing so then Indra Dev will make a decision regarding you!

Chitrarath apologizes to Dhamini. I ignored what you said. If I hadn’t spoken about this matter in Sabha then I wouldn’t have been insulted. She denies. Why be scared of karamfal when karma is right? She begins to speak about the proof to prove Indra Dev guilty when Shani shouts that he has the proof.

They see Shani with Kupan. This is the proof which will prove Devi Dhamini innocent. Surya Dev asks him about Kupan. Shani says it is more important to know who made him do what. Indra Dev said there were some incidences which happened in your absence and that you and everyone else are unaware of. It is time to understand everything one by one after which the course of Sabha will change entirely.

Surya Dev tells Shani to come clear with things. Shani proposes to answer on behalf of Chitrarath and Dhamini. You are free to punish them if you can counter my argument.

Dhamini stops her father from reacting. Chitrarath is yet again miffed with Shani. This lowly guy will defend us? We have been insulted in front of everyone in the past too. I don’t trust him at all! Dhamini shocks him by telling him she trusts Shani completely. You trust the one who insulted your father? She denies. I trust the guy who took a stand against everyone and is supporting my father!

Shani says I sent Kakol to bring the Asura who attacked Devi Dhamini. He holds Kupan. I will tell you the truth. Kupan apologizes to Surya Dev. I am an ordinary Asura who was only following someone’s orders. Shani asks him to say who ordered him to do so. Kupan looks scared. It was done upon Devraj Indra’s order!


Shani 14th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Surya Dev gives freedom to Chitrarath to present his point. I accept your proposal of Dhamini’s wedding to Yam. Yam refuses to marry the girl whose dignity was stained in this very Sabha before everyone. Shani takes responsibility of arranging Swayamvar for Dhamini. I will get her married in a bigger Kula than Surya Kula.

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