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Shani 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shani 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Everyone cheers for Shani as he enters in Sabha. Dev Vishwakarma prays for SHani’s well being.

Brahma Dev remarks that even after being a God, Dev Vishwakarma is unable to realise that the energy is now going to come in power. Now even Mahadev wont be able to save him. I went to inform Shani that only but he ignored me in his arrogance. Now he will be responsible for his choice.

Shani feels as if something wrong is about to happen.

Sanghya says I will go there alone. Taking Rahu along can create a doubt in Surya Dev’s mind. Rahu asks her if she can free that power all by herself. She smiles. Not I but Shani himself will do that. She turns to Devraj Indra. I would need your help. Till the time I will trap Shani, you will have to find out where father has hidden that energy in Surya Loka. He agrees. She goes. Devraj remarks that Shani’s fate is bad. He is going to get a big blow on his birthday!

Shani thanks everyone for their love and blessings. Surya Dev says we will start the real celebrations now. He brings some pots magically around Shani. You wanted to start your day by planting trees. Go ahead. Shani sows a seed. A tree appears there. Shani does puja around it as he ties a holy thread. The tree disappears. He suggests everyone to plant a tree. He gives a seed to everyone present there. He extends his hand but suddenly stops. Surya Dev asks him about it. Why did you stop? He says the hands which were supposed to bless were raised to destroy. They are here now to sow a seed. I hope you will do it with love this time. Devi Sanghya removes her veil. Everyone is taken aback to see her there.

Devraj guesses that Sanghya would have reached the Sabha by now. It is time to look for that energy now. Rahu points out that Surya Loka is too big for one person. Devraj replies that he isn’t alone. I have many eyes. Too many eyes surface in one go. Devraj sends them to Surya Loka.

Dev Vishwakarma suggests that they should throw Sanghya out of here. I am sure she is up to something this time as well. Sanghya turns to Surya Dev. I know it is really difficult to trust me after whatever happened. I came here to be a part of this celebration only if you will allow me. Chhaya nods at Surya Dev.

Devraj’s magical eyes reach every corner of Surya Loka. Devraj and Rahu watch it.

Sanghya asks Surya Dev what he thinks about it. He tells her not to come to Surya Loka till the time she is done repenting. You left Surya Loka on your will. She agrees. I have a request for Shani before that. She walks up to Shani. I wanted to apologize. Give it to me in alms. You will feel relieved and so will I! Shani points out that an apology is very precious. It isn’t given in alms. It is earned after a lot of hard work. I will do everything as per my karma and not to just even out my virtues and sins. She recalls what Devguru had told her. You are 12 years old now. You will have to face the effects / outcomes of your sins and virtues now or are you going to change the rules now? He tells her to speak clearly. What are you hinting at? She shares that kids follow whatever their parents say till the time they turn 12 years old. Afterwards, kids start becoming responsible for their actions but you said sins and virtues don’t matter to you. If it is then you should announce that one cannot blame anyone else for their own karmas once they turn 12 years old. He agrees with her. Once one gain conscience, one has to become responsible towards their Karamfal. He holds his weapon and announces that one will be free to make his own independent decisions after turning 12. He himself will be responsible for his Karamfal. He will be free from the Karam-chakra till he turns 12. The energy is freed. Sabha turns blue shocking / confusing everyone.

Devraj and Rahu see the Sabha all of a sudden. They see a small blast. Devraj says it means Sanghya succeeded in her plan. That energy is free now.

Dev Vishwakarma comes to the secret room and is shocked to see the energy free. What have you done Sanghya? He tries holding the energy in a shield but fails. Tridev also witness this. narayan asks Mahadev if Shani’s decision was right. Dev Vishwakarma kept this energy hidden from Shani for 12 years. It is free now because of his decision. Brahma Dev asks him what they will do now. Mahadev replies that he never does anything. Whatever happens happens because of the good and bad deeds done by people.

Dev Vishwakarma fails in all his attempts to hold the energy back in a safety net. The energy keeps her feet forward. At the same moment, Shani starts breathing heavily. He recalls what happened last night; Brahma Dev’s warning words and his mother’s concerns. He falls down on the floor. Chhaya shouts his name in shock.

The energy (a girl – Mata Neelima) steps out in open. Everyone rushes to Shani in concern. What’s happening? Sanghya exits from there quietly.

Mata Neelima heads in a direction.

Shani suddenly thinks of his Nana Shree. Dev Vishwakarma is having trouble walking. Sanghya hides seeing a girl walking in the corridor. This is Shani’s counter energy?


Shani 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Narayan says what we dint want has already begun. Shani and his counter energy are face to face now. Their war has begun. Mahadev adds that on one hand there is Karamfaldata Shani while on the other hand there an equally powerful and destructive energy Neelima!