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Shani 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Shani 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Shani 13th March 2017 video watch Online HD on

Shani’s Saade- Sati: When one’s patience is over then he not just hurts others but that person too. Shani kills this impatience only so they can start their life afresh.

Epi begins with Chandra Dev speaking about a girl obeying her father’s wish with a bowed head. I hope I cleared your confusion Karamfaldata! Shani says he indeed cleared his confusion. You cleared all the confusions related to you in my mind. I doubted you couldn’t respect women. You just proved it. Chandra Dev looks at him angrily. Shani adds that he would just give him another perspective about women. You said father raises a kid and gives him or her his name but it happens when the child takes birth. Child is born from a mother, a woman! The family which men think to be their legacy is actually carried forward by a woman.

A mother can do anything that a father does. She can give her child a name and raise her kid but a man can never give birth to a kid! If father is the mind of the body then the woman is backbone (merudand). The moment it loses its place then the body loses its existence. The woman you are referring to as a body is also a woman. Body is there but soul is also there (hinting at genders). Before questioning a woman’s existence, first find out about your existence. He chants a mantra. You will remain a God till the time you will respect a woman. If you disrespect her or try to stomp over it then it is actually an insult to your own godliness. Surya Dev recalls the moment he had called Chhaya characterless. He realises as to why he was cursed by Shani at that moment but ignores it.

Surya Dev seconds Chandra Dev in his views. You doubted me and that is what is wrong! You questioned my decision. If you feel my family is not on my side then see for yourself. He asks Devi Sanghya’s opinion on his decision. Do you agree with my decision? Devi Sanghya looks at Shani and then at Yami. She says there is no point of disagreeing. I am with you in your decision in every way. Shani never considered this family as his which is why he doubts your decision. He cast an eclipse on you. He cannot see you happy now. Surya Dev asks Yam’s opinion next. Yam says there cannot be any better decision than this for Yami. Yami closes her eyes sadly. Surya Dev says now I will ask the one because of whom Shani doubted me. He asks Yami. As a father, I have decided something for your future. Your mother and brother are happy with it. You can tell me if you have any objection. She looks up scared. She only looks down (as a way of agreeing) which makes everyone happy except Shani. Surya Dev advises her to speak up. Give words to your feelings. Yami says I am young. Whatever you have decided would be right only! I have no objection. Her tears fall down on the ground. Shani looks at her in shock getting aware of her pain just when the tear touches the floor. Surya Dev asks SHani if he understood what he heard. Shani nods. I understood what no one here heard. I don’t hear the words that come out of mouth and reaches your ears. I hear the voice which touches my conscience. Dev Vishwakarma nods. Shani says if the conscience of anyone present here right now is awake then he must have heard the voice of Yami’s conscience. Surya Dev asks him if he means he has no conscience left. Shani says there is one but an eclipse of arrogance has been cast over it. Surya Dev angrily tells him to stop. Small blasts happen which makes Rahu and Chandra Dev happy.

Surya Dev says you see arrogance in everyone as you yourself are arrogant. I will destroy this arrogance for forever. Chandra Dev acts all nice. You give life to everyone. Don’t take the sin of killing someone. Surya Dev points out that he wont kill Shani. I will kill his name and introduction. He walks up to Shani. You believe you are always right. You like bringing everyone on the right path. I challenge you to handle my position for a day. I challenge you, you will come to me tomorrow before sunset with folded hands. You will withdraw your Vakra Drishti yourself. Shani asks him what if it does not happen. Surya Dev vows to quit the position of Devraj then. Everyone is taken aback. Surya Dev asks him if he accepts the challenge. Shani accepts it. Chandra Dev looks tensed. Surya Dev tells Shani to keep his Drishti on him. Whatever goes wrong now will be because of your Drishti only! Devi Sanghya smirks. Shani leaves from there.

Narad Muni says this is such a complicated situation. What will happen now? Narayan replies Surya Dev has lost his patience. When you are impatient, you destroy things. Surya Dev will do what he hasn’t done till date. He will not follow his responsibilities.

Shani comes to his room. He stops realising he is here. Come in front. Rahu steps forward. Shani asks him why he is back. Rahu says I came back as a friend only. You got another chance to finish Gods! Shani asks him if he feels he can still affect his decision. Don’t you dare! Stay away from all this! None of your actions can affect me. Rahu makes a sad face and walks closer. What I want will happen! Destruction! I know I cannot affect you but your father wont be able to escape my influence. Shani looks at him.

Chandra Dev is about to take a sip when Rahu comes. Chandra Dev goes to Surya Dev. You will have to complete the challenge given to Shani. You will have to destroy him yet keep your conscience awake. What will you do? Surya Dev says it will be you who will do whatever is to be done. You and Rahu will create destruction. I will not do anything. Chandra Dev says Shani will win this way. Surya Dev replies that for his victory it is require that he shouldn’t do anything. Shani will be finished by the end of the day as sun wont rise tomorrow!


Shani 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shani requests Surya Dev to rise in the sky or many innocents will have to die. Surya Dev refuses to accept his request if he does not accept his wish. Shani challenges him that come what may, sun will rise in the sky!

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